Monday, October 7, 2013

Canadian military takes 85-year-old farmer's home and land

Farmer loses land battle, though military grants him one last harvest - Canada, Editor's Picks - - Michael Priscolanti:

October 1, 2013 - "Since the Harper Conservatives were first elected in 2006, they have proclaimed their plans to bring a specialized army unit to CFB Trenton, the country’s largest and busiest air force base.... The move is the highlight of a massive base expansion project that will inject millions of dollars into the local economy....

"But ... the plan didn’t sit well with a few local landowners, whose properties — unbeknownst to them — had been selected for JTF 2’s new 400-hectare home. 'Our world has been crushed,' one owner said at the time.... 'They drew a red line around these pieces of property, and ever since then everybody in there has been screwed.'

"When the government officially filed expropriation papers in February 2012, the Meyers family hired a lawyer and launched their only available appeal: an objection in front of an independent hearings officer. Their central argument was that the military had more than enough land to extend the base, and the Meyers’ 90 hectares weren’t necessary to complete the project. They also trumpeted the historical significance of the farm: the direct descendant of Capt. John Walden Meyers, a Loyalist war hero and founder of nearby Belleville, Ont., Frank Meyers farmed a portion of the very same plot of land King George III awarded to his legendary forefather for his service during the American Revolution. As Frank Meyers has said many times: 'This property didn’t come from the Canadian government, it came from the British government. So if the Queen wants it, let her come and see me.'"

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