Friday, October 25, 2013

NJ's Christie gives in on same sex marriage legalization

New Jersey Gay Marriage: Chris Christie Accepts What Every Libertarian Already Knew - PolicyMic - Lucy Steigerwald:

October 25, 2013 - "On Monday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie decided not to appeal the state Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage in the Garden State. Christie gave no stirring statement proclaiming his commitment to the ideals of equality. Instead, between the court’s decision — based on the June 2013 Supreme Court decision overturning the federal Defense of Marriage Act — and widespread public support, not to mention some high-profile Republicans who have yielded to the a-changing times, Christie gave in.

"Fourteen states now allow gay marriage. New Jersey is one of the most populous. Even among New Jersey Republicans, support for gay marriage is at nearly 50%. And though a little over half of all people nationwide support gays' right to get hitched, that number reaches 70% for those under 30....

"With all the talk of Democrats leading the charge on gay marriage (and they often do, to their credit), and some Republicans timidly following, most people forget about libertarians. But back in 1972, the Libertarian Party’s very first platform voiced support for repealing all laws against consensual crimes, including “laws on voluntary sexual relations.'....  A draft of the campaign platform for the 1976 presidential race had the party backing the 'repeal of legislation prohibiting unions between members of the same sex, and the extension to such unions of all legal rights and privileges presently enjoyed by partners in heterosexual marriages.'"

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