Monday, October 21, 2013

Libertarian Party of South Africa founded

The launch of SA's Libertarian Party: herding cats in time for 2014 | Daily Maverick - Ivo Vegter:

October 20, 2013 - "Those who believe in individual freedom on economic and social matters, also known as libertarians, are notoriously hard to organise. A new political party in South Africa aims to unite and focus the political opposition to authoritarianism and government waste, but the signs at its launch were not auspicious.

"On 20 October 2013, a sunny Sunday morning, a new political party was formed in the small Karoo town of Prince Albert. The Libertarian Party of South Africa (LiPSA) had, at its formation, a membership of 17 people....

"At the time of writing, the party had collected 150 out of 500 signatures required on its Deed of Foundation to form a party eligible to contest national elections, but the founders were not sure by what date the registration process had to be complete.

"LiPSA espouses the principles of individual freedom, as set against what its manifesto calls “the omnipotent state.... The party hopes to exploit the opportunity of a national election to focus the activities of various groupings that espouse principles of political and economic freedom, and views itself as a counterweight to what it considers the increasingly authoritarian and corrupt policies of the political establishment."

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