Saturday, October 12, 2013

Libertarian view: The government (non) shutdown

Libertarian view: The government (non) shutdown Tad DeHaven, Constitution Daily -

October 4, 2013 - "It's looking like it will take a week or more for Republicans and Democrats to reach an agreement to 'reopen' the federal government. Regardless, with each passing hour a resolution necessarily becomes closer at hand because a so-called 'government shutdown' effectively means that a budgetary impasse in our two-party dominated system has reached the end stage.

"I say 'so-called' government shutdown because most federal activities will continue and most federal employees will continue to work. If you had plans to visit Yellowstone National Park, you’re out of luck until the government reopens. However, the NSA will continue to track our private conversations, the military will continue to expend blood and treasure protecting the interests of wealthy allies, and the federal entitlement system that’s the source of our future fiscal imbalances will continue to pump out the checks.

"So while it is true that some of the federal leviathan’s tentacles will take a brief respite, its reach into practically every facet of our lives will continue largely uninterrupted....

"The good news for those of us who want less government is that Democrats ... are willing to fund those portions of the government that require annual appropriations at $986 billion ... essentially the same figure that the House GOP proposed. On the downside, ... that figure originally proposed by the GOP would still be above that which the still-in-effect sequestration would allow for the new fiscal year."

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