Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bill to legalize medical marijuana introduced in Congress

Va. Rep. Griffith introduces federal ‘Legitimate Use of Medicinal Marijuana Act’ - Tom Jackman, Washington Post blog:

April 30, 2014 - "Virginia Rep. Morgan Griffith (R) this week introduced a bill in Congress that would remove the federal obstacle to prescribing and possessing medical marijuana in states where that is legal, such as Virginia. He said he knows this will be a long hard fight, 'but you’ve got to start somewhere.'

"Griffith’s bill is titled the 'Legitimate Use of Medicinal Marijuana Act,' and is only four pages. It moves marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II, in a grouping with not only cocaine and methamphetamine but Ritalin and Adderall, drugs prescribed legally for children. Removing marijuana from Schedule I takes it out of the 'no currently accepted medical use' category and allows research to be conducted more easily, and would allow doctors to prescribe it in states where medical marijuana is legal to possess, such as Virginia....

"'Isn’t it cruel,' Griffith said, 'to not allow real doctors, real drug companies and real pharmacists to use marijuana for legitimate medical reasons for real patients? We use all sorts of opioids under the same scenario that this bill would allow us to use marijuana.' He said the Virginia law 'is the right way to go, but the DEA [won't] let anyone use it legally. This eliminates that and allows you to move forward.'"

Read more: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/local/wp/2014/04/30/va-rep-griffith-introduces-federal-legitimate-use-of-medicinal-marijuana-act/
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