Friday, May 2, 2014

Wyllie makes it into Florida governor's debate

Libertarian Wyllie officially invited to Florida’s biggest gubernatorial debate - Tampa Bay Libertarian | - Brian Cole:

April 29, 2014 - "Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Adrian Wyllie scored a major victory on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 29, as he secured an official invitation to the state of Florida’s biggest gubernatorial debate. The event, hosted by Leadership Florida and the Florida Press Association, and broadcast by WPBF 25 in West Palm Beach, Fla., will be televised throughout Florida on a network of 11 'major commercial broadcast organizations'. This gubernatorial debate will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 15, at Broward College located in Fort Lauderdale...."

"Wyllie voiced his appreciation, not only for the invitation to the debate, but also to his team of supporters and volunteers, all of whom worked tirelessly to help ensure he received the invitation.... The Wyllie Campaign team worked hard to ensure the political and financial pressure used to keep Libertarian Robert Sarvis out of Virginia's biggest gubernatorial debate in October 2013 would not be repeated....

"In addition to television coverage, WPBF's website and will broadcast the debate. Since Florida’s Gubernatorial Race is the most hotly contested in the nation, C-Span will re-broadcast the event, and WPBF 25 will also provide coverage of the debate on the network’s Spanish-language entertainment network."

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