Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chatham, Ontario Libertarian wants choice in education

Libertarians aim for full slate; McLarty candidate | Chatham This Week - Don Robinet, QMI Agency:

May 26, 2014 - "Doug McLarty, the candidate for the Libertarian Party of Ontario in the June 12 election, knows his party has already made a breakthrough even if it never wins a seat.....

"'We're trying to get our name out there,” said McLarty of the Libertarian Party. The message the party wants to put out there can be summed up in two words – less government.

"McLarty said it's important for government to fund services such as education and healthcare, but he said he would like to see more effective spending with the frills cut out and lower taxes that would let people choose to do what they want to do with their own money.

"While he doesn't refer to it as a voucher program, McLarty said the Libertarian Party would like to see an education system in which the tax dollars follow the student. He said if the parents want to send their kids to a public school, then the money would go there, but if they want to send their child to a private faith-based school, such as Chatham Christian, or private secular school, such as a Montessori, then the tax dollars would follow them, giving parents more of a say in where and how their children are educated....

"McLarty said the Libertarian Party believes the most vulnerable members of society need to be protected, but those who are able to work should work. He said the party believes in funding universal healthcare, but there should be allowances for private healthcare provider if they have the means."

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