Thursday, July 24, 2014

GOP entitlement rhetoric may boost Libertarian's chances in Montana

GOP Boosts Libertarian 'Spoiler' in Montana - Mike Flynn, Big Government, Breitbart News:

July 22, 2014 - "Most political handicappers of Senate races this fall generally assume that the GOP will capture the seat of former-Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT). A new poll from liberal polling firm PPP, however, shows a race much closer than expected.....

"The new poll, released Monday, shows Democrat-appointed Sen. John Walsh trailing GOP Rep. Steve Daines by 7 points, 46-39. That result is a 10-point gain since November, when Walsh trailed Daines by 17 points, 52-35, in the same poll. A big factor in Walsh's surge is increased support from Republicans....

"Republican Daines has recently been attacking Walsh for believing that partial privatization of Social Security should be 'on the table' when discussing reforms to the entitlement program. Democrat Walsh was even attacked on this issue from the left during his primary race. Note to GOP strategists: When you are lifting attack lines from the progressive left, you are doing it wrong.

"There is no better indicator of the intellectual bankruptcy of many in the national GOP.... Entitlement programs, very shortly, are set to consume all federal revenues, before a dollar is spent on national defense and the myriad of things the government does. To write-off any market-based reform to entitlements obviates the entire point of having a Republican party....

"Montana has a strong libertarian tradition. In 2012, the Libertarian candidate for Clerk of the state Supreme Court won 42% of the vote as the sole opponent to the Democrat nominee. The party's Senate candidate, Dan Cox, took almost 7% of the vote in the hotly contested race between Democrat Sen. Jon Tester and GOP Rep. Denny Rehberg....

"Daines' attack on Walsh for being open to entitlement reform, of course, will only further boost the Libertarian candidate. If the Republican candidate, after all, is going on record against any kind of market-based reform of an unsustainable retirement program, a conservative protest vote for the libertarian candidate is tempting.

"What's the point of a Republican-controlled Senate if the GOP doesn't know what to do with it?"

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