Monday, July 14, 2014

Nebraska governor hopeful wants to open minds

Nebraska governor hopeful Mark Elworth Jr. looks to fuel Libertarian Party’s fire - OMAHA METRO - Melanie Wilkinson, World-Herald News Service:

July 12, 2014 - "Mark Elworth Jr. says he realizes he is not likely to become the next governor of Nebraska, but he is hoping his candidacy will continue to build the Libertarian Party and give voters more choices....

"''Why did I choose to run? I looked at who was running ... This time around, there was no candidate I was interested in voting for, so I stood up and did it,' Elworth said. 'I was in the Green Party for years, and then when that dissolved, I went to the Libertarian Party. I’ve always been involved in third parties because we can speak our minds. I’m self-funded in this campaign, so I can say what I want, and I am for what the people want'....

"Regarding his candidacy for governor, 'I’m trying to open the minds of Nebraskans, Elworth said. “There’s a lot in this state that I see as wrong. I want us to have more green energy. I want to see more chemical farms moving to organic farming, which can’t be forced, but it’s important. I am against Obamacare, but I want to expand Medicaid for the people because we can’t have people working here with no insurance.

"'I also believe that cutting taxes would stimulate the economy.'

"Elworth also said he is extremely supportive of legalizing the farming of hemp, which he said would create a clean energy source in the state while providing jobs and new growing opportunities."

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