Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vermont Libertarian drawing Republican interest

Libertarian candidate draws GOP interest - Terri Hallenbeck, Burlington Free Press:

July 29, 2014 - "Dan Feliciano, ... 51, has made a career as a business consultant creating efficiencies for firms such as Cigna and Aetna health care, IBM, Travelers Insurance and the Medical College of Virginia. He's now employed by Keurig Green Mountain in Waterbury, where his job involves improving production efficiency.

"When he's done working he still likes to talk efficiency. Feliciano would like to put his 'hobby' to use in making state government more efficient, cutting spending and lowering taxes. The father of three is running for governor as the Libertarian Party candidate....

"This is Feliciano's second try for governor, having run in 2010 as an independent who won 1,341 votes, or .6 percent of the total. This year is different, he said. He's won the nomination of the Libertarian Party and is drawing interest from voters typically aligned with other parties, including Republicans looking for a candidate to condemn incumbent Democrat Peter Shumlin's plans to create a government-run health coverage system....

"Feliciano's condemnation of a single-payer system appeals to some Republicans who are frustrated by the delays, technology problems and cost of the insurance exchange that Shumlin implemented this year as part of the federal Affordable Care Act. He also appeals to those who fear Shumlin's pending plans to create government-financed coverage.

"'I see people responding favorably to that,' said Mark Snelling, the Republican Party treasurer and son of former Gov. Richard Snelling and Lt. Gov. Barbara Snelling....

"Patricia Crocker, a Republican State Committee member from Essex, is supporting Feliciano and urging fellow Republicans to vote for him as a write-in candidate in the Republican primary. 'I believe that his extensive experience in health care and effective budgeting are just what Vermont needs at this time — and represent the two key issues that unite Republicans,' she said.

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