Friday, August 1, 2014

Libertas Institute sues in Utah over Common Core

Lawsuit claims State School Board violated law by adopting Common Core | Deseret News - Benjamin Wood::

July 31, 2014 - "The State School Board violated Utah law by adopting the Common Core State Standards without substantive input from parents and educators, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday by the Libertas Institute.

"The lawsuit includes six educators and parents as plaintiffs who allege they were denied an opportunity to be consulted prior to the Common Core's adoption, and seeks an order barring further implementation of the education standards.

"'Utahns almost unanimously will say that they favor local control in education,' said Connor Boyack, president of the libertarian advocacy organization funding the suit. 'The question is: What does that mean? Does it mean having elected officials in Utah managing a multi-state or a federal program, or does it mean that everyone affected by that system in the state plays a part in it?'....

"Education officials have long maintained the board's adoption and review of the standards were conducted in accordance with established policies and during public meetings, but because the issue of Common Core had not yet become a cause célèbre, participation in those meetings was sparse.

"But Boyack said holding a public meeting and expecting parents to involve themselves is not sufficient to satisfy the requirements of the law.

"Having an open meeting is not the same thing as consulting proactively with specifically identifiable groups," he said."

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