Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kentucky Libertarian thrown off ballot

Judge throws Libertarian off ballot - Scott Wartman,

August 23, 2014 - "It turned out that county attorneys need to be practicing attorneys after all.

"That's how Circuit Court Judge Gregory Bartlett ruled Friday afternoon when he threw a Libertarian candidate for Boone County attorney off the November ballot.

"Libertarian Joseph Szeremet is one of two Libertarian candidates in Northern Kentucky fighting to stay on the ballot in a year when the Libertarians have put six candidates on local ballots in Northern Kentucky.

"In the other case, Kenton County Clerk Gabrielle Summe filed suit against her Libertarian challenger, Christopher Robinson, alleging he hasn't lived in Kentucky long enough to qualify to run for office.

"That case will have a hearing in Kenton County Circuit Court next Friday....

"The judge commended Szeremet on his interest in running for public office but called his candidacy 'an absurdity.'

"Szeremet was a licensed attorney for 32 years in Michigan but retired 10 years ago and isn't licensed in Kentucky....

"Szeremet said Bartlett misconstrued the constitution, which states that a county attorney should be a practicing attorney for two years. Szeremet interpreted that as any two years and not necessarily the current two years. He doesn't know if he'll appeal.

 "'Frankly I'm losing interest, because I'm by myself,' Szeremet said. 'I don't have a law firm or anything like that. But I have time. I'm not going to necessarily be on the ballot, but I may take the issue up just to prove him wrong.'"

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