Tuesday, August 19, 2014

One of two disputed SD Libertarians on ballot

Chad Haber, four other Libertarians, certified for ballot - Jonathan Ellis & David Montgomery, Argus Leader:

August 18, 2014 - "One disputed Libertarian Party candidate made the ballot Monday, while another was ruled ineligible.

"The decision by Secretary of State Jason Gant to certify attorney general nominee Chad Haber but not Public Utilities Commission nominee Ryan Gaddy leaves the Libertarians with five statewide candidates....

"At issue is a state law requiring candidates to be members of the party that nominates them to run for an office.

"Gaddy and Haber had both been registered Republicans who changed to the Libertarian Party shortly before that party's Aug. 9 convention.

"Gant said Haber's party switch was valid, because he filled out his form on Friday at a recognized voter registration — a Sioux Falls driver licensing facility. Gaddy filled his change of registration form out at the convention, hours before he was nominated.... In a letter certifying Haber, Gant wrote that Gaddy's voter registration wasn't done in time.

"The law on where voter registration forms have to be filled out is 'vague,' Gaddy said, and more important he said the law requiring candidates to be members of the party nominating them is unconstitutional.

"A 1986 Supreme Court decision [held] it would infringe on a political party's rights were a law to 'provide that only Party members might be selected as the Party's chosen nominees for public office'."

Read more: http://www.argusleader.com/story/news/politics/2014/08/18/libertarian-chad-haber-certefied-ballot-ag/14246805/
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