Thursday, August 7, 2014

LP candidate for governor hopes to force runoff

Libertarian candidate trying to force runoff in governor’s race |

August 6, 2014 = "The libertarian candidate in the Georgia governor's race is trying to force a runoff that could delay the outcome until December.

"Newcomer Andrew Hunt spoke to Channel 2’s Lori Geary about his background and reasons for running for governor.

"'I have a PhD in material sciences and engineering from Georgia Tech.  I immediately started up a nontechnology company,' Hunt said....

"It's his first run for political office.

"'The reason I did, the majority of the people who are polled say they're dissatisfied with both parties,' he said....

"Hunt said he knows he has an uphill climb but wants to force a runoff in Georgia’s governor's race.
The two leading candidates, Republican incumbent Gov. Nathan Deal and democrat Jason Carter are fighting it out on the airwaves and in interviews.

"Hunt said his main issue is wasteful spending and points to the massive overhaul of the Interstate 285/Georgia 400 interchange. 'That’s going to be $1 billion that's going to tie up traffic for years, rather than putting it into light sequencing systems which alleviate traffic much quicker and smoother,' Hunt said.

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