Thursday, June 9, 2016

CEI raises $1.1M at annual fundraising gala

At huge libertarian annual fundraiser - The Washington Post - Roxanne Roberts:

June 3, 2016 - "900 libertarians walked into the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s party Thursday night. The theme was 'Casablanca' which provided a cinematic backdrop — complete with lots of whiskey, trench coats and gambling — for the sold-out fundraiser.

"In this oddest of all election years, there was no mention of Trump, Clinton or even libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

"'We don’t do electoral politics,' explained CEI President Kent Lassman. 'That’s not what we’re about.'

"The only hit on the 2016 race came from Steve Forbes, the multimillionaire who unsuccessfully ran for president in 1996 and 2000: "'To be blunt and since I’m not running for anything,' he told the crowd, 'certainly on the Republican side, this has been the most content-free campaign' in history.

"Forbes spent the next 20 minutes making the moral case for capitalism, but no one comes to CEI’s annual dinner (this year it raised a record $1.1 million) for the speeches. They come to meet other free-market capitalists who don’t like rules and regulations, at work or at play. This year’s after-party included generous open bars, lots of vaping, casino games and more."

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