Friday, June 10, 2016

Perry says he won't vote for Johnson

Libertarian Gary Johnson could swing votes from Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton - Politics - CBC News - Matt Kwong:

June 5, 2016 - "Newly anointed Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson served two terms as governor of New Mexico. His running mate, Bill Weld, served as governor of Massachusetts for six years until 1997....

"Philip Wallach, a Brookings Institution fellow who has written about third-party campaigns, ... foresees some disaffected supporters of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders finding alignment with Libertarian principles on issues like drug legalization....

To voters on the right, Wallach suggests the Libertarian ticket could appear more politically conventional. Particularly to displaced Republicans turned off by Trump and 'worried about Trump as somebody who could abuse power'....

"'I've had a lot of friends emailing me, saying, 'Do you know anyone on the Johnson campaign? Is there any way I could get involved?'' said David Boaz, executive vice-president of the Washington-based libertarian think-tank the Cato Institute. 'I can't remember that happening before.'

"Boaz believes this is the best opportunity the Libertarian Party has ever had, both in terms of the quality of its ticket and 'the low quality' of the major-party nominees....

"There may be resistance within the party, however....

"Libertarian candidate Darryl W. Perry, who debated Johnson on the stage and argued that all drugs 'should be as legal as tomatoes,' said he's still 'emotionally devastated' by the nomination outcome.

"Come November, Perry will either abstain from voting for president or write in 'None of the Above.'

"Neither Johnson nor Weld, both former Republicans, represent philosophically pure Libertarian values, Perry said.

"'There were a lot of Republicans ... that joined the party on Wednesday and showed up on Sunday. These are people that don't care about the party.'"

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