Wednesday, June 15, 2016

World's largest libertarian meetup June 19-26

PorcFest, 'largest gathering of libertarians in the world,' to meet in New Hampshire - Washington Times - Jennifer Harper:

June 11, 2019 - "While Democrats and Republicans are busy planning their national conventions in July, Libertarians have the upcoming Porcupine Freedom Festival — or “PorcFest” — next week.

"Staged in the piney woods of northern New Hampshire, this political and cultural gathering is described by organizers as the 'the libertarian version of Burning Man,' and 'the largest gathering of libertarians in the world.' They expect about 1,700 attendees.

"The prickly porcupine is the official emblem, “Don’t tread on anyone” is the  motto. Now in its 13th year, the event has been organized by The Free State Project, a liberty-minded non-profit seeking to inspire like-minded folk to make their homes in the Granite State....

"'With [Gary] Johnson breaking double digits in the polls, everyone’s asking: Who are these people? While the Libertarian Party convention was a good primer on the quirks and qualities of your average libertarian, there’s no better place to see what they’re all about than PorcFest,' a spokesman told the Washington Times. 'Visiting PorcFest is the best way to see Libertarianus Americanus in his or her natural habitat,' he added.

"There will be meet-ups for dogs, drum circles, much music, multiple family outings, a costumed gala, plus classes in bonfire making, 401K tax traps, fiber arts, homeschooling and 'gun etiquette'.... PorcFest’s lineup of speakers includes author and Fox News contributor Kristin Tate, Atlas Society founder David Kelley, George Mason University economist Christopher Koopman, Reason magazine editor-in-chief Matt Welch and several state lawmakers.

The event begins June 19, at a campground about two hours north of Manchester. Find the PorcFest here."

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