Thursday, November 3, 2016

Gary Johnson's SCOTUS picks 'best of them all'

Best Supreme Court Shortlist Of Them All: Gary Johnson’s | Above the Law - David Lat:

November 2, 2016 - "I’m a fan of the Supreme Court shortlist just released by libertarian president candidate Gary Johnson (and not just because I have some right-of-center tendencies). Say what you will about these folks, but at least they’re interesting.... All six figures on this list are brilliant and well credentialed....

"Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Alex Kozinski ... needs no introduction to regular readers of Above the Law.... Damon Root of Reason offers a good summary of his appeal, noting the judge’s 'principled defenses of the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, limited federal powers, and the due process rights of criminal defendants.' And let’s not forget his TV and movie career....

"Randy Barnett: The Georgetown law professor is most famous for his libertarian legal advocacy, including the medical marijuana case of Gonzalez v. Raich, which he argued before SCOTUS, and NFIB v. Sebelius, the major Obamacare challenge.

"Judge Janice Rogers Brown ... the D.C. Circuit judge 'is revered in libertarian legal circles for her stirring votes in defense of the Fourth Amendment against pro-police ‘orthodoxy’ and in defense of economic liberty against ‘burdensome regulation'.... Back in 2010, I mentioned her in my round-up of uncomfirmable conservative dream candidates for SCOTUS.

"Tom Campbell, before he joined the faculty (and served as dean) of Chapman Law, taught law at Stanford and business at UC Berkeley. This former SCOTUS clerk also has a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago — in economics, a Chicago specialty — and a J.D. from Harvard Law. As a former U.S. Congressman and California State Senator, he would bring much-needed political experience to the Court.

"Miguel Estrada ... a Harvard Law grad and ex-SCOTUS clerk, ... was famously nominated to the D.C. Circuit back in 2001, before falling victim to a filibuster (and despite receiving a unanimous 'well-qualified' rating from the ABA). He’s widely regarded as one of the finest appellate advocates in the nation, praised by Justice Elena Kagan — with whom he disagrees on many issues — as 'an extraordinary lawyer' with 'a towering intellect.'

Jonathan Turley ... [t]he George Washington University law professor supplements his scholarship with real-world litigation, in matters ranging from the Clinton impeachment to the Sister Wives case, and he engages in frequent media commentary, in broadcast and print as well as online....

"Johnson has a zero percent chance of winning — and that’s too bad, at least for the Supreme Court."

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