Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mark Miller's 5% keeps TX Libertarians on ballot

Texas Libertarians clinch ballot access, Greens fall short | The Texas Tribune - Jim Malewitz :

November 9, 2016 - "Texas will give Libertarians a ballot spot during the state's next general election, after the party’s candidate for state railroad commissioner nabbed more than 5 percent of the vote — the threshold a party needs in a statewide contest to keep ballot access.... Mark Miller, drew 5.3 percent in a race that former Texas Rep. Wayne Christian easily won. No other Texas Libertarian met the 5 percent mark on Tuesday.

"Miller, who drew an unusual amount of newspaper endorsements in the contest, was hoping for more votes. But he was pleased to have achieved that 'minimum goal' for his campaign, he said Wednesday morning.

"'Ballot access is really important because it avoids a petition drive, which is very expensive, very time-consuming and very difficult,' he said. 'The fact that we were able to stay on the ballot – Libertarians are celebrating today.'"

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A Look at Some Key Lower-Ticket Libertarian Race Results - Hit & Run : - Brian Doherty:

November 8, 2016 - "Miller for Texas Railroad Commission looks like he pulled the 5 percent needed ... to give the L.P. in Texas petition-free ballot access for 2018. It is a sad commentary on democracy that this lifelong professional petroleum engineer and teacher of petroleum engineering, running for the regulatory board that oversees the oil and gas industries, which he's written a book about, with endorsements from major papers covering much of the state's population, lost to a Republican, Wayne Christian (52.9 percent), who won Texas Monthly's coveted 'Worst Legislator' award and a Democrat, Grady Yarbrough (38.8 percent) who barely bothered running, and of course knew nothing at all about the industry."

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