Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Paul's priority is repealing federal regulations

Rand Paul: Obama’s Overregulation Won Trump The Election | The Daily Caller - Michael Bastach:

November 9, 2016 - "Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul credited real estate mogul Donald Trump’s presidential win Wednesday morning, at least in part, to the Obama administration’s regulatory onslaught.

"'It’s in reaction to these regulations,' Paul told Fox News, referencing in particular federal regulations on the coal industry — a major talking point of the Trump campaign.... Paul, who held onto his Senate seat in a landslide victory against Lexington’s Democratic Mayor Jim Gray ... also laid out a goal to put legislation in front of Trump to repeal at least half a dozen regulations in his first week in the oval office.  

"Paul beat Gray by a 53 to 43 percent margin, and Trump went on to win Kentucky’s eight electoral votes. Kentucky was one of the first states media outlets called for Trump on Tuesday night.

"Trump promised Kentuckians he’d do all he could to revitalize the coal industry. Kentucky’s coal sector has been one of the hardest hit from cheap natural gas and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations."

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Rand Paul: ‘We’re going to spend the first month passing the repeal of Obama regulations’ - The Washington Post - Peter Holley:

 November 9, 2016 - "'I have a prediction to make this morning,' [Rand Paul] said during an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday morning. 'I think were going to spend the first month passing the repeal of Obama regulations.... This is something I’m excited to do,' he added.

"Paul called the election 'a big rebuke' of the Obama administrations 'regulatory war' on business. He said the Obama administration was made up of 'extremist academics' who don’t understand business.

"During his short appearance, Paul didn’t specify what regulations congressional Republicans would seek to repeal.

"'I think you’re going to find that were going to repeal a half dozen or so of regulations that are killing jobs and making us less competitive with the rest of the world,' he noted, adding that he didn’t expect 'resistance' from Trump when it comes loosening regulations."

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