Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hyra excluded from 1st Virginia governor's debate

First Gubernatorial Debate Does Not Include Libertarian Candidate | WVTF - Michael Pope, Virginia Public Radio:

July 24, 2017 - "The first of three debates for governor is scheduled for this weekend, when Democrat Ralph Northam will square off with Republican Ed Gillespie at the Homestead Resort in Hot Springs. But there’s one candidate who’s not invited to the party.

"Libertarian candidate Cliff Hyra spent months collecting signatures of voters to get on the ballot statewide. Last month, the Virginia Department of Elections said he qualified to be on the ballot in every jurisdiction in Virginia. But when voters are confronted with his name they might not know anything about him. That’s because debate organizers of the three debates for governor have not invited him to participate....

"The last Libertarian candidate for governor, Robert Sarvis, says that’s not fair to voters. 'It’s basically undermining the ability of the people to hear different ideas and to see everybody who’s going to be on their ballot. When there’s only three people who are going to be on the ballot, there’s no argument for keeping people out.'

"The bar association policy for who gets to be part of the debate says candidates must be 'significant' to participate, which they define as someone who does well in polling, has raised a significant amount of money and attracted a fair amount of media coverage. The policy doesn’t include any specific numbers for polling or fundraising, leaving it to the judgment of the organizers....

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