Thursday, July 6, 2017

Recreational cannabis legalized in Catalonia

Catalonia legalises marijuana consumption, cultivation and distribution | The Independent - Chris Baynes:

June 30, 2017 - "The government of Catalonia has legalised marijuana, making the autonomous Spanish region the latest part of the world to loosen restrictions on use of the drug.

"The cultivation, consumption and distribution of cannabis will be permitted for members of designated clubs after the region's parliament voted to regulate them.

"It follows a campaign which gathered 67,500 petition signatures, forcing a government debate.

"Cannabis clubs previously existed in a state of legal limbo in Catalonia after emerging in response to strict fines issued by the national government to users caught taking the drug in public.

"Clubs must be self-sufficient non-profit associations that only distribute cannabis to members aged over 18. They will be limited to producing 150kg of the dried drug a year and subject to rules designed to stop drug tourism.

"In 2014, officials in the Catalan capital Barcelona attempted to curb the boom in cannabis use over fears the city was growing to rival Amsterdam as a marijuana haven. Under the new legal framework, members will not be able to acquire cannabis for 15 days after joining a club....

"Spain's federal government could look to challenge Catalonia's legalisation.

"Last year Spain's highest court overturned Catalonia's 2013 ban on bullfighting after Madrid's ruling party argued it harmed artistic freedom and cultural heritage."

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  1. Sorry, a couple of questions: Spain is not a federal country, much less, it has a somewhat strange invention of "Autonomous Communities" but it is not a federal state, it is a parliamentary monarchy and, indeed, Catalonia can not Legalize cannabis without the authorization of the central state.

    I am in favor of the legalization of cannabis, but the Autonomous Communities do not have the legal capacity to do something like that, that is the sole competence of the central state.