Saturday, July 22, 2017

Rand Paul explains opposition to Trumpcare bill

Rand Paul: Crony capitalism isn't a right, so why does Senate healthcare bill give insurance companies the right to a bailout? - Washington Examiner:

July 22, 2017 - "I remember a lot of outrage about two things when I first ran for office: Obamacare and the bank bailouts. Unfortunately, the Senate healthcare bill combines the worst of those two — this time, we're bailing out the big insurance companies.

"Why? Partly because of the crony capitalism that pervades the culture in the swamps of Washington.

"But it's more than that. In order to advance their crony capitalism, the Senate Obamacare bill takes us beyond the long-running debate about 'is healthcare a right' to a new debate: 'Is health insurance a right?' ... a right to healthcare that includes a taxpayer obligation to maintain insurance industry profits, which hit a record $15 billion last year?....

"We aren't talking about whether or not we take care of the poor or disabled who can't afford their healthcare.... I can have an honest debate with socialists about whether one can have a right that confers an obligation on another individual, but I really can't even admit any intellectual honesty to those in Congress who now argue that the federal government has a responsibility to confer profit to a profitable industry....

"I am disappointed that my colleagues have insufficient confidence in the freedom of the healthcare marketplace, and I am greatly disappointed they've decided there now exists a federal right of insurance companies to have their $15 billion annual profit subsidized by taxpayers.

"I really can't describe my level of disappointment. Crony capitalism is enshrined as a 'right' by the new GOP Obamacare bill, while that bill does little to nothing to repeal Obamacare or fix our ailing healthcare sector."

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