Monday, June 9, 2014

19-year-old running for Ontario Libertarians

Wright running for Libertarian Party | Woodstock Sentinel Review - Tara Bowie:

May 28, 2014 - "His vision for Ontario includes the government being held to the same standards as citizens.

"Devin Wright has put his name in the political ring and is running for the Libertarian Party in this year’s provincial election.

"'I am the 19-year-old Libertarian candidate for Oxford County, and I am here because I have a passion. That passion is to bring liberty and choice back to Ontario,' he wrote in an email to the Sentinel-Review....

"'I don't want to sit around and let Ontario be thrown in the gutter in the name of socialism. I chose to run for the Libertarian Party of Ontario because I am a firm believer in the free market, non-aggression principle, and strong individual rights....

"'“The Libertarian party stands apart from the big 3 because instead of only advocating for social or economic freedom, we advocate for the maximum of both....

"'No one else is Wright for Oxford, so choose freedom and vote Wright!' he said."

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