Thursday, June 19, 2014

Georgia LP nominee offers different approach as governor

Georgia Libertarian nominee offers a different approach as governor | Online Athens - Walter C. Jones, Morris News Service:

June 14, 2014 - "Andrew Hunt is as experienced in working wonders with small things as anyone.

"He earned 50 patents and two decades ago founded a 20-person nano-technology company that provides films, powders and other products for manufacturers. This newspaper page is 100,000 nanometers thick, and he’s accustomed to producing films only 10 nanometers thick. So, he may feel right at home in a campaign for governor that appears just as small.

"He’s up against the sitting governor, Republican Nathan Deal, who has already raised more than $8 million ...  and Jason Carter, the grandson of a U.S. president who’s already garnered more than $1 million.... Hunt hopes to raise $300,000, which would be more than 10 times what the last Libertarian raised....

"Hunt has some innovative proposals. He wants to save money on prisons by no longer locking up people convicted of “victimless crimes” like possession of marijuana. He would also effectively do away with the Department of Economic Development because he feels it’s wrong to give more attention, tax breaks, employee training or other benefits to any one company over another.

"Instead, to boost job creation he proposes having the state reimburse all employers for the employment taxes they pay because of federal laws, such as social security and unemployment insurance.... He stops short at picking up their penalty for not providing health insurance even though he acknowledges the Supreme Court ruled it was a tax."

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