Monday, June 2, 2014

Sell Ontario Northland under right conditions, says Libertarian

Sell the ONTC says Libertarian candidate...maybe! - Jeff Turl, BayToday:

June 2, 2014 - "Derek Elliott, Libertarian Candidate For Nipissing MPP, knows that's not a popular view, but says there is no bigger issue in this riding right now than the ONTC [Ontario Northland Transportation Commission] divestment.

"'We are for people having diverse, affordable and available transportation options. We are for the free market being allowed to provide options that people want. The Ontario Libertarian Party and I are against tax dollars funding any corporation whether it be public or private.'

"That said, Elliott believes the goal is to be saving tax payer dollars.

"'And if selling ONTC will result in more expenses than it occurs now it would be ridiculous to sell it off. We definitely want an end goal with the organization to eventually get it off government books. I personally believe we have the best skilled and hardest working people in that industry right here in North Bay and if we can create an environment that would allow a private organization to step in and operate so these skilled workers can keep the long tradition of rail work in this city myself and the Ontario Libertarian Party will do just that.

"'I am aware there will be some that will not like that position but I will always give an honest answer on the issue and not play politics with these people['s] livelihoods,' Elliott continued."

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