Sunday, June 22, 2014

Microstates with own governments goal of Seasteading Institute

US seasteading group plans floating 'microcountries' with 'start-up governments' | ABC Radio Australia:

June 10, 2014 - "A US organisation is hoping a plan to create cities which float on the ocean will see them not only produce their own food but establish their own governments.

"The Seasteading Institute says it hopes the floating microcountries will allow for experimentation with new ideas which current governments are too large to try.

"Seasteading communication director Joe Quirk says the floating cities create room for 'start-up governments'.

"'When you consider that nearly half the world's surface is a blank slate, unclaimed by existing governments, you see the potential in creating a thousand start-up governments in the sea,' he said....

"'We're creating, literally, a platform for anyone to try whatever kind of nation they want.'

"The Seasteading Institute says the first prototype city, made up of modular square or pentagon shaped platforms, could be built by 2020 and house about 225 people.

"Mr Quirk says they are looking for a nation to host the city in its shallow territorial waters and provide it with substantial political autonomy.

"'We hope that if we can set an example, provide some jobs and create some eco-cities that float in the shallow territorial waters, we'll set an example and show people that seasteads can be of benefit to the world,' he said."

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