Saturday, June 14, 2014 reports "outrage" over Ontario LP ad

Thunder Bay election ad by Libertarian Party regarding First Nations sparks outrage | - Krystalline Kraus:

June 12, 2014 - "Ontario Libertarian Party candidate, Tamara Johnson, published a full page ad in Tuesday's Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal raising issue with First Nations communities and its treaty rights. For example:

 "The ad speaks to Voters and asks [sic]:
  • No group of people are above the law
  • No group of people can legally block our roads and rail lines
  • No group of people are entitled to handouts
"And speaks to Tax Payers and asks [sic]:
  • Help me stop this doctrine of entitlement 
  • Help me stop the inequality 
  • Help me stop the injustice 
"At the end of the ad, she asks Thunder Bay residents to vote 'for their future'....

"While the Libertarian Party of Ontario stand behind their right to freedom of speech, Anishinabek Nation communications director, Maurice Switzer, feels differently. In an CBC interview, he said the ad, "falsely paints First Nations people as lawbreakers by using terms like 'illegal' blockades and 'no group of people are above the laws of Ontario'"....

In a Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) press release dated the day after the original Libertarian Party ad was published, NAN Grand Chief Harvey Yesno stated, "The statements made by Libertarian candidate Tamara Johnson are outrageous and disparaging against First Nations and our Treaty rights. All citizens have the right to express their opinions, but we strongly disagree with the dissemination of information that is factually incorrect and appears to be racially motivated."

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