Sunday, August 9, 2015

Libertarian Party: Freedom is for everyone

Libertarian party pledges freedom for all | Hinton Parklander - Dayla Brown:

August 7, 2015 - "The federal election has been announced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper for Oct. 19 causing the most expensive election in Canadian history, according to Global News. It will also be the longest, embarking on a whopping 78-day campaign.

"For the Yellowhead riding ... Cory Lystang, Libertarian, said that he’s excited about the election and feels good about the party’s platform....

"Lystang said he completely left politics in 2011, refusing to even vote due to a loss of confidence in the government. He began to read into laws such as property rights and firearms rights through social media. Lystang explained that over the past three years he has been following the Libertarian Party of Canada.

"'All the basic principles of the Libertarian Party of Canada I agree with 100 per cent,' he said. 'There’s no compromises on the fact that everybody can be free and freedom is for everyone.'

"Lystang explained that the party’s platform aims to make the government smaller, more fiscally sound and more transparent.

"'We don’t think that the government needs to be this huge entity that tells everybody what to do and collects everybody’s money and then throws it back to us. With the federal government as it stands right now, over 50 per cent of our budget is transfer payments back to provinces,' he explained. 'So imagine if we left all that money in the provinces and the [federal] bureaucrats didn’t get their cut of it, we’d be doing a lot more with our money.'

"'Nobody has really looked at a platform that allows for everyone to be free,' he said. 'So if I say,"I don’t think it’s a big deal if somebody smokes marijuana," I don’t smoke marijuana myself, but it doesn’t hurt me, then people are going to say, "well what about all the damaging effects?"'

"Lystang said that Portugal has almost beaten the war on drugs by changing the way they view drugs and addictions. The Libertarian Party plans to legalize marijuana and decriminalize drugs to allow people to receive help instead of facing charges because of possession or other drug-related incidents....

"Lystang said the Libertarian Party is, 'not advocating the use of drugs, we’re advocating the idea that if you do something and you’re not hurting someone else, it’s your choice. We will give them a way or give them help to get away from it so they don’t use.'

"However, the Libertarian Party would not provide more government-funded programs. Lystang explained that the party believes more in 'voluntary funding'. By decreasing taxes for all Canadians, Lystang said citizens would be more able to invest money into programs that they believe in."

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