Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ontario LP activist Ferguson's first federal run

Libertarian candidate enjoying first run at federal seat - Mike Peeling, Brant News:

August 19, 2015 - "Beyond being the Libertarian Party of Canada candidate running for the riding of Brant, Rob Ferguson could soon be the focus of a nationwide campaign pushing for new national leadership.

"Ferguson, who has been legally blind since birth, said Monday in an interview his face could show up in an anti-Stepher Harper meme highlighting his blindness.

"'It will say something like, "I may be blind, but it's not hard to see Canada needs better vision and leadership",' Ferguson said....

"This will be Ferguson's first run at a federal seat after three unsuccessful runs at Brant's seat in provincial parliament and two for a seat on Brantford's city council....

"Ferguson has also taken on the role of CEO for Brant's Liberty Association, the newly established riding association. His wife, Kalena, is the association's secretary and Ferguson's campaign manager.

"The association is starting small with only 20 members.

"'I feel confident our membership will grow,' he said, noting the party needs to create a stronger support system. "We're going to start attending parades and community events'....

"Ferguson proudly pointed out he has been voted best political candidate in the Brant News Readers Choice awards.

"'I think it's my dedication to the community,' he said 'I've alway lived and worked here, and I want to make a difference regardless of whether I'm in office or not.'

"Ferguson says he will always take the time to help anyone who calls him with a problem, pointing to his successful efforts to get warning signs installed in a neighbourhood where a deaf child lives, and to get the city to trim trees that posed a risk to residents."

Read more: http://www.brantnews.com/news-story/5804500-libertarian-candidate-enjoying-first-run-at-federal-seat/

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