Monday, August 3, 2015

Lystang's second Libertarian campaign in Alberta

Cory Lystang running in federal election | Drayton Valley Western Review - Mammta Lulla:

July 27, 2015 - "Cory Lystang from the Libertarian Party of Canada has been chosen once again to represent his party in the upcoming 2015 federal election.

"'Our message starts from fewer taxes, less government and more freedom. We want to shrink government down, make it more fiscally responsibly, so it doesn’t cost as much, which will be extremely large tax savings for the public,' said Lystang.

"The candidate was last chosen in the November 2014 by-election that took place in Yellowhead district.... Lystang agreed he is new to politics and his campaigning involves going out and meeting people.

"'I am trying to get out to farmers markets and talk to people because the biggest thing is I am new to politics and nobody really knows who I am so that’s what my campaign is, it is trying to get out and talk to people and let them know there are other options,' he said....

"'I want to try and talk to the regular person, the person that’s out working in the oilfield. The ones who don’t want to vote anymore because there is nobody to speak for them. I am an oilfield worker. I grew up on a farm. I know what it’s like paying huge tax bills. So I want to reach out to more people like me which I believe are the majority in Alberta.'

"Being a gun enthusiast, he travels to gun shows and spreads the word of his party.

"During the by-election in November last year, Lystang had said guns are tools in the right hands. [W]hy should firearms be illegal if it’s already illegal to kill? It’s laws like these which nobody understands. Firearms in the right hands are tools, not weapons, police have them,' he had explained....

"'Once you can get 10 per cent of the people in an area to embrace a new idea, it certainly becomes common choice of normal. So if we can get to the point of 10 percent of people embracing the idea of libertarianism in Yellowhead district, you are going to see a major shift. That is our main goal,' he said.

"'I am not going to make an estimate that I am going to hit 10 per cent but I would absolutely love to see myself above 10 per cent at the end of this election, and if you remember the provincial election anything is possible if I can get the right message to the right people,' he said.

Lystang can be contacted at or search Cory Lystang on Facebook. More information about his party can be found on"

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