Saturday, August 8, 2015

New York LP adopts ambitious growth program

Audacious goals drive Glogowski’s New York Libertarian Party - The Daily News Online - Jim Krencik:

"Building a political party out of a '43-year social club' is a challenge that Mark Glogowski has embraced since his election as state Libertarian Party chairman in April.

"Glogowski, twice a candidate for the Assembly seat covering Orleans and Genesee counties, spoke with attendees at both counties’ fairs this year about their own political philosophies and encouraged them to be more involved....

"He’s tasked himself with doubling the 11 county-level parties and dramatically increasing the 6,000 registered Libertarians there were at the beginning of the year.

"Both pushes will give New York more clout in the party’s 2016 presidential nominating convention and help with getting candidates [on] the ballot, but Glogowski is setting his sights even higher.

"'We’re easily going (to double) our number of chapters, and if we can get to 50,000 registered members, I think by 2019 we can be the second-largest party in the state, without taking from the Democrats or Republicans,' Glogowski said.

"After joining the party as a disaffected Republican in 2009, Glogowski has risen quickly to the Libertarian’s top post. The most recent leap came at the 2015 state convention. The party’s chairman was stepping down after five years, and he was among those to enter the ring for the post.... 'An increasing number of people jumped onto my bandwagon, and the next thing I know I’m the chairman,' Glogowski said.

"Since then, Erie and Niagara Libertarians have formed county-level parties, with Wyoming, Chautauqua and Orleans set to be formalized by the end of the year, with Tioga and Chenango to follow.

"Having more organizations with stronger control at the local level has already borne fruit, Glogowski said. Genesee County split off from the regional Greater Rochester party in 2013, and he sees them as the role model for the new or coming parties in Erie, Niagara, Wyoming and Orleans.

"'They very quickly focused on the aspect that as a social club, (members of other parties) could join, and as a consequence, Democrats and Republicans and Greens were all trying to impose views on how the government should run. The Genesee County party is for the purpose of promoting the libertarian worldview.

"'They limited officerships to registered Libertarians and endorsements to Libertarians. It’s a huge step forward ... we have a very clear description of what we stand for.'"

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