Sunday, August 28, 2016

Abraham Lincoln endorses Gary Johnson (video)

This Hilarious (But Accurate) Ad for a Gary Johnson Vote Is the Best Political Ad Ever | RedState - Brandon Morse:

August 26, 2016 - " came up with a system that allows Republicans and Democrats who mutually hate their candidates [to] come together to vote for [Gary] Johnson, and balance out the scales so that neither party gets the benefit of a lopsided vote. It's a pretty fun system that pairs you with a Democrat in your area, and makes you feel better about leaving your party to vote for Johnson.

"But while the site alone is a pretty good idea, it's the video promoting the site that sells.

"Acting as part promotion for the site, and part campaign ad for Gary Johnson, Balanced Rebellion has 'Dead Abe Lincoln' get up as their spokesman and give one of the most hilarious speeches I've seen this election season. In it, he reminds you that this year you've been screwed, that you don't have to vote for someone you hate, and that Abe Lincoln himself was third party when he was elected....

"It also gives a very good explanation as to why you should vote for Johnson over the other two. So if you're looking for a good five minute video that will help convince your friends and family to leave the false safety of their mainstream party, this is the video to do it."

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  1. Adweek reports today that "Since its launch late last week, the video has snagged nearly 9 million views, most of them on Facebook with little paid media."