Monday, August 1, 2016

Montana state legislators endorse Gary Johnson

Montana Republican legislators endorse Libertarian for president | State and Regional | - Tom Lutey, Montana Standard:

July 25, 2016 - "Two Montana Republican legislators who won’t vote for Donald Trump this election have endorsed Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

"Reps. Daniel Zolnikov, of Billings, and Nicolas Schwaderer, of Superior, on Monday morning endorsed Johnson, saying the former Republican governor of New Mexico is the only candidate speaking about the national debt.... Johnson has made eliminating the debt ... the top priority. He faults both Republicans and Democrats for debt growth to $20 trillion.

"Zolnikov was co-chairman of presidential primary candidate Ted Cruz’ Montana campaign. He said he’s spoken with a few Cruz supporters looking for an alternative to Trump....

"Advocates of the two-party system say a vote by dissatisfied partisans for a third-party candidate is a throwaway vote that could decide an election.

“'I think that’s the dumbest argument, because I’m voting for the actual proven track record,' Zolnikov said. “The reason we keep getting what we get in politics is because people are always saying, ‘You waste your vote, you’re going to get the worst of two evils.’”

"Zolnikov said he wouldn’t be supporting any ... other Libertarian candidates running in Montana political races.

"Three Libertarian candidates are running for statewide office and six for state Legislature.

"Johnson is not recognized as a candidate yet in Montana, according the Secretary of State records. However, the Libertarian Party is a recognized major party in Montana, which means the party merely has to submit Johnson's name. There are no filing fees or signatures required....

"A few Montana Republicans have been breaking away from Trump for the past month. In early July, former Montana Gov. Marc Racicot, also a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, announced he wouldn't support or endorse Trump in a letter to the Washington Post.... Montana's former U.S. Rep. Rick Hill has said he won't support fellow Republican Trump, either."

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