Friday, August 19, 2016

Johnson money bomb exceeds $1.5 million goal

Gary Johnson raises nearly $1.8 million in money bomb over two days | Independent Political Report - Krzysztof Lesiak:

August 17, 2016 - "Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party presidential nominee, often says that the only way he can win the election is if he is included in the presidential debates along with his major party rivals.

"Yesterday, Johnson’s campaign decided to make a full throttle attempt to get Johnson into the presidential debates by launching a money bomb. The money bomb is called '15for15,' highlighting $15 donations to help Johnson’s campaign get the candidate’s name out there so he can hit the magic number, 15%, to be included in the debates (donations of all sizes are accepted in the money bomb).

"As of 11:48 CT, over the course of just two days, Johnson’s money bomb has raked in $1,804,202, easily surpassing the campaign’s original $1.5 million goal and putting the money bomb well on its way towards the new $2 million goal....

[At Reason, Matt Doherty reports that the $1.7 million one-day total is "the largest single-day take for an official Libertarian Party presidential campaign in small donations ever." - GD]

"The Washington Post reported earlier today that Johnson’s campaign has raised over $2.9 million since the beginning of August. The Post quoted Johnson as saying, 'The fact that we received more than 90,000 individual small contributions is overwhelming.'"

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