Monday, September 28, 2015

Damien Wilson runs for Libertarians in Ottawa South

Meet the Ottawa South Libertarian Party candidate: Damien Wilson - Erin McCracken, Ottawa Community News:

September 24, 2015 - "This may be Damien Wilson’s first attempt at seeking to represent the federal Ottawa South riding, but the 21-year-old says he has always had a mind for politics.

He hopes to offer a different choice to voters – from young people to military veterans – when they cast their ballots on Oct. 19....

"'Last election, I was doing some serious research of who I wanted to vote for and what party I wanted to join,' Wilson said. 'From there, I was really disappointed with my options. I decided I’m going to become that option'......

"While campaigning at the doors of Ottawa South residents, Wilson said some have expressed frustration over the current government.

“'Part of that is because the government hasn’t been delivering on the economy the way they projected that they would,' Wilson said, adding that the Libertarian Party is able to make the difficult decisions needed to implement positive change, for instance, not 'bailing out corporations to protect ‘x’ amount of jobs, because it’s not how things should be done'....

"Wilson also points to cuts to legal aid made by the Harper government as an issue affecting Ottawans.

"'You have a right to representation. We should be putting more money in the justice system to make sure it is a fair and accountable process,' Wilson said....

"Immigration has become a hot-button issue this election, said Wilson. 'As it stands, the Libertarian Party wants to make sure that it’s not a complicated process. The last thing we want stopping an asylum seeker, an immigrant or a refugee is the paperwork,' he said. 'Ultimately, we do encourage private sponsorship'.

"In the context of the economy, Wilson said his party does not stand for investing in any resources in any industry. 'Cut back on that corporate socialism so that businesses have to compete on their own level. That way we won’t be susceptible to these booms and these busts that we have,' he said.

"His party also wants to end food industry monopolies and open up competition to keep food prices down and ensure more people have access to basic necessities.

"'All industry should compete on a fair playing field,' Wilson said. 'What this means is you don’t give tax breaks to one industry.'

"On the foreign policy front, the party believes the government should get out of foreign conflicts and focus on creating a stronger nation in 'a clean-up your backyard kind of approach,' Wilson said.

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