Monday, September 7, 2015

Corbyn wants choice on taxes funding military

Corbyn is secretly a libertarian anarchist. Who knew? - Telegraph - Lucy Denyer:

September 7, 2015 - "Imagine the scenario: January 31st is fast approaching, so you log on to HMRC’s website to complete your tax return. This year, there’s a new step to complete: the box you can tick to opt out of funding the Armed Forces. You check it. You’re a pacifist after all. Why should your hard-earned cash go towards funding war and bloodshed?

"It might sound a bit mental, but if Jeremy Corbyn has his way, it could soon be a reality. The Bearded One’s latest publicity wheeze is the announcement that, in his opinion, taxpayers should have the option to decline to fund the Armed Forces with their contributions.

"In theory, such a step sounds fairly reasonable. After all, lots of people don’t agree with war. So why should they have to fund the people that fight it?

"Except, our military does a lot more than just fight wars. Leaving aside our overseas commitments that don’t relate to combat: helping with crises such as Ebola in the developing world, fighting the international drugs trade, there are the domestic issues that, time and time again, our Armed Forces step in to help with....

 "Carry Corbyn’s 'stark staring bonkers' theory to its extreme, and things get even more ridiculous. If you don’t have children, for example, or don’t intend to have them, then why should you have to pay for state-funded education, or child tax credits? What about if you shun the NHS and use BUPA instead? Surely you should be mitigated from having to pay for the health service, if you don’t use it.

"The list is potentially endless: transport (don’t agree with cars; nasty polluting things, everybody should ride bicycles instead); prisons (locking people up doesn’t work); immigration and border control (we should let them all in; migrants are good for the economy)."

"In fact, once you start thinking it through, it could be argued that Corbyn’s statement is actually support for an entirely privatised system of society, with government services bought a la carte like phone contracts or TV bundles: a tax-lite avoidance setup worthy of the most bloated of payment-avoiding plutocrats. Corbyn, it turns out, is secretly a libertarian anarchist. Who knew?"

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