Friday, September 11, 2015

Libertarian Morgan running for privacy and property rights

Libertarian candidate joins campaign trail | High River Times - Kevin Rushworth:

September 10, 2015 - "A reduction to the size and responsibilities of government lies at the heart of the Libertarian Party of Canada’s platform, but for Foothills candidate Cory Morgan, his campaign will focus on speaking up for vital privacy and property rights.

"In an interview with the High River Times, Morgan, who calls Priddis home, said his election campaign would bring issues to light, those of which that wouldn’t otherwise be addressed.

"'Whereas I used to be supportive of the Harper government, after eight consecutive deficits, I’m not seeing a small government model here, nor any indication that it’s going to be coming,' he said.

"In the Foothills riding itself, it was the RCMP search and seizure of firearms in High River during the flood recovery which stirred him to run for federal office.

"'As a libertarian, I find that reprehensible,' he noted, referring to what he called the gross violation of people’s property rights. 'I do want to make sure people don’t forget what happened down there.'

"Just as the events of 2013 inspired him, Morgan campaigns for small, responsible government. The Libertarian Party of Canada operates in a laissez-faire government 'hands-off' approach....

"Morgan, who operates Water’s Edge Pub, noted his campaign will only be part time because the party is smaller and only has a limited budget. More literature and signs will appear in weeks to come, he said....

"'Giving it a little time, I think the small government values resonate with a great deal of people,' he added, noting that the Libertarian Party is currently in a growth period.

"Morgan is no stranger to the political process and previously ran as a Wildrose Party candidate for the Calgary-Mountainview constituency in the Alberta provincial election in 2008."

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