Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Anarcho-capitalist runs for LPC in Grande Prairie

Libertarian candidate joins race | Daily Herald Tribune - Tom Bateman:

August 30, 2015 = "Twenty-two-year-old Dylan Thompson will appear on the Grande Prairie-Mackenzie ballot representing the Libertarian Party of Canada....

"Thompson was convinced to run while watching videos of Libertarian leader Tim Moen talk about the effect Ron Paul had on American politics.

"'He didn't get into power, into the helm of America, but what he did is converted a lot of people into libertarians,' said Thompson. 'I discovered they have the same view as me and I'm like, "I'm onboard, I've got to help you guys with this mission".'

"Included in the Libertarian Party of Canada's platform is a phasing out of government's control of the money supply, reducing federal income taxes to a maximum rate of 15%, reducing or eliminating organizations like the CRTC, CATSA and the Canadian Dairy Commission, repealing the Canada Health Act, making 'responsible gun possession' legal, legalizing sex work and decriminalizing the consumption and possession of drugs.

"'If I could ask people to read Henry Hazlitt's Economics In One Lesson, I think that will probably give people a taste of where we're coming from more than anything else,' he added.

"Thompson is also a self-described 'anarcho-capitalist'.

"'It's basically, the private sector would handle things like the police, military and the court system. That's not the party position, which is more of a minarchist one - which is those three things are the absolute minimum that government has to survive,' he said....

"Thompson said the people he's spoken with in Grande Prairie, long known as a conservative stronghold, find his proposals interesting.

"'It's about making that cultural change and getting people to understand,' he said of his goals for the campaign."

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