Saturday, September 26, 2015

New Daily Show host's Rand Paul bromance

‘The Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah on Being ‘Sad’ For John Boehner and His Rand Paul ‘Romance’ - The Daily Beast - Asawin Suebsaeng:

September 25, 2015 - "Trevor Noah and The Daily Show cast and crew were taking questions [Friday] from an audience of reporters in front of their new set.... Noah, a 31-year-old comedian from South Africa, is set to become only the third host in the show’s history, taking over (of course) for Jon Stewart (who took over for Craig Kilborn). Racial issues have figured into his comedy oeuvre quite heavily over the years.

"“I was born a crime,” Noah (who was born to a black mother and a white Swiss father) told CNN in 2013, explaining how interracial marriage and interracial sex were illegal in apartheid South Africa. 'My racial identity has been reclassified at least three times just in my lifetime, so it’s…very important to me,' he later added in an interview with Time Out London.

"As for his politics, Noah at least attempts to be more opaque. During Friday’s press breakfast, he emphasized that he is 'neither left nor right.' (His predecessor was always open about his liberalism, and used to identify as 'more of a socialist')....

"Funny enough, the American politician Noah is most enamored with at the moment is Republican senator and presidential contender Rand Paul.

"'There are certain issues that I’ve seen, let’s say, from Rand Paul where I go, "Yeah, I like that," and I think that we can move forward in that regard. When it comes to Social Security reform, and looking at different ways to adjust benefits for people, there’s definitely a conversation to be had there. Now, I’m not an expert in it…But I believe progression can come from both sides.'

"Noah says it was the senator’s two debate performances thus far that impressed him so much. 'He was saying things that were sane at the debates, he really was,' Noah said, referring, in part, to Paul’s less 'knee-jerk,' neoconservative, invasion-happy approach to foreign policy. 'He wasn’t gung-ho. He did seem thoughtful. And that is progression for me. And maybe that’s a tiny step in the right direction.'

"(When asked about Noah’s comments, Paul spokesman Sergio Gor told The Daily Beast simply that Paul is 'uniquely positioned to grow the GOP tent by attracting new voters and we welcome them all,' and that Paul would be open to appearing on the new latest incarnation of The Daily Show.)

"Noah then likened watching Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, and other Republican candidates to 'walking through the streets of New York' and having crazy people scream at you.

"A Daily Show colleague sitting near Noah at Friday’s event chuckled, and warned him that soon the day will come when Paul does something to 'break your heart,' as all politicians are prone to do.

"'I don’t know all of Rand Paul, and that’s what is gonna be fun,' Noah replied. 'But at this point, the romance is real. And I will embrace it as such.'"

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