Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jewell running for Libertarians in Halton

Introducing Chris Jewell, Milton's Libertarian candidate - Julie Slack, Inside Halton:

September 16, 2015 - "Chris Jewell is running for the Libertarian Party in Halton and his promise is to speak for the people.

"The 30-year-old Milton resident says he chose the Libertarian Party because it has unique ideas.

"'People should be able to keep the money they earn,' said Jewell, who spent his childhood years in Simcoe. 'They should be responsible for their own decisions (good or bad) and their own actions.

"'They should be treated like adults,' he added. “Moreover we should live and let live, not try to force things on people with legislation.'

"If elected, he said he would be a public servant to the people of Milton.

"'I am not a whipped dog like every other politician belonging to the major parties,' he said. 'I will actually make myself available and vote the way the people want me to vote, not the way the party does.'

"He said he’d also work toward scrapping the graduated income tax system first by replacing it with a 15 per cent flat tax, then working to abolish income taxes entirely.

"'I will be a voice for the truth; the truth that our government and our allies have directly caused the refugee crisis by creating the radical Islamic threat and destabilizing the Middle East,' he said.

"Jewell spent his teen years in Bracebridge, before heading to Carleton University in Ottawa. Afterward, he lived in Vancouver and he has also worked in the U.S. and travelled to Europe and Asia, spending two years teaching in Korea, where he met his wife.

"He has worked on film and surveyor crews, taught English as a second language and works as a construction superintendent in Mississauga.

"He has always been politically active and ran as a Libertarian in the 2014 provincial election in the Mississsauga-Erindale riding."

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