Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Nepean Libertarian welcomes Ontario election call

(1) Mark Snow - Happy Writ drop for Election 2018. Full Slate,... - Mark Snow, Facebook:

May 9, 2018 - "Happy Writ drop for Election 2018. Full Slate, historic for Ontario Libertarian Party.... I am running in Nepean for the Ontario Libertarian Party.

"For the second time in 40 years of working, I am officially unemployed for the next 29 days. I am running in this election to bring change to Ontario. That change offered by the Ontario Libertarian Party, is one of CHOICE, you see Libertarian's believe you the people should have more say, power, choice and control over goverment.

"With that choice and control, the people will have power over goverment, including your tax paid services, like healthcare and education. By voting for me and the Ontario Libertarian Party, you will get that. Control over the Politicians and Bureaucrats, no longer will they be able to dangle goodies for the people, make Election Promises with your money. The two biggest files (Education and Healthcare), you will have control and power.

"Property rights, yes we offer that too, power over goverment intrusion into/over Private Property Rights.

"I will speak at any venue, to any crowd at your request. Stayed tuned for public venues where I will be appearing....

Mark Snow
Dad, Veteran
Vice Chairman Ontario Libertarian Party
Candidate, 066 Nepean"

Mark Snow on Facebook:
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