Sunday, May 13, 2018

Nebraska GOP targets Libertarian Ebke

Nebraska GOP Targets Former Ally Who Switched to Libertarian | Nebraska News | US News - Grant Schulte:

May 13, 2018 - "A Nebraska lawmaker who left the Republican Party to become one of the nation's few Libertarian state legislators is facing the political fight of her life against two Republicans challengers, including one backed by Gov. Pete Ricketts. The showdown began after state Sen. Laura Ebke switched parties in 2016....

"The race is one of the most closely watched in a Tuesday primary that will eliminate one of the three candidates for the seat and also determine party nominees for governor, U.S. Senate and Nebraska's three U.S. House seats.

"GOP officials have unleashed a wave of negative mail and radio ads against Ebke, of Crete, turning the small-town primary into one of the most hotly contested races in Nebraska. Ricketts, a multimillionaire, has donated $5,000 to one of her opponents, Al Riskowski, a longtime ally.

"Ebke said she expected party officials to target her in the election and acknowledged they might succeed. Incumbents have traditionally fared well in Nebraska legislative races, but in 2016, three moderate Republican senators lost their seats after the governor endorsed and contributed to more conservative challengers.... 'I am fully aware that I'm in a precarious position here, especially when you have the financial power of the governor,' Ebke said.

"Another Republican hopeful, Tom Brandt, ... said he was surprised the race has turned so nasty and drawn so much attention from outside the district....

"The two top vote-getters in Tuesday's primary will advance to the November general election, regardless of their party affiliation....

"Since Jan. 1, Ebke hasn't received a single individual donation from her district ... according to the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission.... Ebke said she was forced to rely on out-of-state contributions because Nebraska GOP officials threatened to remove local party leaders from their positions if they donate to her campaign. The Nebraska Republican Party denied the allegation.

"Ebke's party switch made her the first Libertarian state lawmaker in Nebraska history, and she's one of four now serving nationwide. The other three are in the New Hampshire House of Representatives."

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