Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Libertarian Ebke makes general election ballot

Ebke runs second in District 32 race where governor's pick is ousted | Local Government | - JoAnne Young, Lincoln Journal-Star:

May 15, 2018 - "Incumbent Sen. Laura Ebke ran second in her District 32 bid to return to the Nebraska Legislature. She said Tuesday night she expects a tussle in the next few months leading up to the general election.

"Jefferson County farmer Tom Brandt led the pack of three candidates in that district by a good margin and will challenge Ebke in November....

"Gov. Pete Ricketts' pick, Al Riskowski, finished last and will not advance. He felt good about running a clean race, he said, even though all three District 32 candidates said they had to contend with negative ads, some of them funded by out-of-state groups, with messages that had nothing to do with the election.

"Brandt, who said he's a rural Republican, a centrist and independent thinker, has been active in community improvement in his hometown of Plymouth. He said voters ... are fed up with what's going on in the Legislature, the growing partisanship and nothing of substance getting done....

"Ebke, a Libertarian who is from Crete, stressed her four years of experience in the Legislature.

"'I think that the hit pieces had a real weakening effect on me,' she said.

"She lost some of the rural vote she needed, she said. 'Now it's up to me to go and get them back.'"

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