Sunday, May 6, 2018

5 essential libertarian books

5 Essential Books That Every New Libertarian Should Read - 71 Republic - Mason Mohon:

May 1, 2018 -"Books are one of life’s greatest gifts. These bound packages of paper hold knowledge, wisdom, and depth of thought that is difficult to capture in a blog post or news article.... Because of that, it is critical that any Libertarian reads books.... So, I would like to present books that I believe will only help one’s ideological journey.

"The utility of these books is based on my personal reading experience, not on some sort of objective measurement. These are also in no particular order.

"The Revolution, by Ron Paul ... was my first stepping-stone into the realm of Libertarianism. It eloquently outlines the ailments of modern American politics, the two-party system, interventionism, drug policy, and government financial control. The Revolution is a great primer that will both familiarize the reader with Libertarian ethics and introduce them to many other resources....

"The Libertarian Mind, by David Boaz, ... goes further in-depth on many issues and offers a bit more information on the historical development of Libertarianism. It draws from many facets of the Libertarian belief system, meaning the reader will get much more exposure to many of the ideas of various diverse Libertarians....

"Economics in one Lesson, by Henry Hazlitt ... explains clearly many fallacies of historical leftist and Keynesian economic ideology.... From broken windows to wartorn countries, readers will discover that many policies that seek to “stimulate” the economy are merely short-sighted....

"Excuse Me, Professor, edited by Lawrence Reed ... is a collection of essays by economists ... that seek to dispell many myths that dominate contemporary university teachings.... It covers a plethora of issues, challenging the mainstream opinion on each and every one....

"Choice, Cooperation, Enterprise, and Human Action by Robert Murphy.... Ludwig von Mises’s economic classic Human Action ... is daunting, sitting at over 900 pages of complex Austrian economic reasoning, yet it remains a base for Libertarian economic thinking.... To fill this void comes Murphy’s Choice, which covers most of the same information, but in a simpler and much easier to read method."

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