Monday, May 21, 2018

Perth-Wellington Libertarian wants less regulation

Scott Marshall running on the Libertarian ticket | Stratford Beacon Herald - Galen Simmons:

May 18, 2018 - "As the Ontario Libertarian Party’s campaign director and an independent business consultant, Scott Marshall knows a thing or two about rooting out the waste in an organization.

"Using only about a third of the budget of the other major parties, Marshall – who is also running as his party’s candidate in Perth Wellington – and his staff have managed to fund election campaigns in 117 of the province’s 124 electoral districts.

"And as a candidate, the Wellington County resident and inventor of the board game “Hitchiker” wants to bring the notion of cutting wasteful spending to government.

"'Big government is a problem, not necessarily the solution,' Marshall said. 'We’ve got 360, 380 thousand regulations in Ontario and every single one of those regulations have a cost involved, whether it be establishing them, policing them, overseeing them. It adds cost to everything we do.'

"As a business consultant, Marshall has seen first-hand how these regulations have made owning and operating a small business costly and confusing. Marshall said he wants to make it easier for those willing to take the risk of opening a small business to pursue their dreams.

"Yet ... Marshall said the Libertarians’ plans are less about cutting and more about streamlining....

"Citing health care as an example, Marshall said that despite a $61.3 billion budget for 2018-2019, more than half of that money is spent in bureaucracy and administration, while floors in hospitals across the province remain closed because there aren’t enough nurses to staff them.

"'Meanwhile, there are multiple levels of administration and bureaucracy overseeing everything,' he said. 'You talk to a nurse in an ER, and they will tell you in an eight-hour shift, they will end up doing three hours of paperwork, when they should be looking after patients, to satisfy the administrative and bureaucratic requirements of government.'"

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