Sunday, October 17, 2010

Second Gary Johnson article tops 1,000

A second Nolan Chart article of mine on former New Mexico governor, and possible 2012 Republican presidential candidate, Gary Johnson has gone over 1,000 reads. "Gary Johnson and Our America" was published in the Chart on Jan. 11, 2010, and racked up 286 hits or reads that month. By the end of September, that total had climbed to 936. As of today, the article has received another 65 in October.
The article will not be added to "The 1,000 Club" until the end of the month, but I wanted to announce the news early to keep it close to the news about the other article, "Ron Paul: Gary Johnson is the best alternative for 2012."

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gary Johnson article breaks 1,000 reads

The June article I wrote on Gary Johnson's presidential campaign, "Ron Paul: Gary Johnson is best alternative for 2012," received another 120 hits or reads in September, to end the month with 1,098. Accordingly, it debuts on the "1,000 Club" chart this month at #45.

A second article, Government or Anarchy?, also broke the 1,000-mark, ending the month just one point behind at 1,097, However, G&A had already made the 1,000 Club at year-end of 2009, and is currently at #20.