Friday, September 30, 2016

Alaska Libertarian in 2nd in U.S. Senate race

Libertarian Running a Close 2nd Place in Alaska Senate Race - Kody Fairfield, Libertarian Republic:

September 30, 2016 - "In a poll run by The People’s Pundit Daily (PPD) of 317 likely Alaskan voters who are going to vote in the Senate race in November, the results are quite promising for Libertarian candidate Joe Miller.

"In the poll, which was conducted according to level 1 AAPOR standards of disclosure and WAPOR/ESOMAR code of conduct, Republican incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski is at 38% to Libertarian Miller’s 30%. It shows Democratic candidate Ray Metcalf at 13% and an undecided vote above him at 19%.

"As a result of the polling and subsequent data, the Alaska Senate race is rated a 'BATTLEGROUND' on the PPD 2016 Senate Election Projection Model. PPD will revisit the race with more polling surveys in the near future.

"Miller is definitely benefiting from being the Tea Party GOP choice for Senate in 2010, though he lost to Murkowski’s write-in campaign under shady circumstances, prior to his run as a Libertarian this year. He is the only pro-life candidate in the race and has recently received the endorsement of conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin.

"Keep an eye on Alaska, as public opinion, and projections show a contested contest is likely. The nation may elect its first U.S. Senator under the Libertarian banner."

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Detroit News endorses Gary Johnson

Endorsement: Libertarian Gary Johnson for president - Detroit News, editorial:

September 29, 2016 - "Since its founding in 1873, The Detroit News has backed a Republican every time it has made a presidential endorsement..... We abandon that long and estimable tradition this year for one reason: Donald J. Trump....Trump is unprincipled, unstable and quite possibly dangerous. He can not be president.

"His Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, has an impressive resume and a presidential bearing.... But character matters. Her career-long struggles with honesty and ethics and calculating, self-serving approach to politics trouble us deeply....

"We recognize the Libertarian candidate is the longest of long shots.... But this is an endorsement of conscience, reflecting our confidence that Johnson would be a competent and capable president and an honorable one.

"Gary Johnson has excelled at public service. In his eight years as the Republican governor of New Mexico, he cut taxes while balancing the budget, and left the state in better fiscal shape than when he arrived. He also was a champion of school choice, and the state under his guidance made great strides in improving education....

"Like this newspaper, he holds that an individual should have maximum freedom to navigate his or her personal decision-making, with little meddling from the government.

"His position on trade is the most responsible of any of the candidates in the race. He voices a healthy respect for free markets, and recognizes that unrestricted trade — absent crony capitalism — is a boon to the economy. He is the only candidate who would sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal....

"Johnson extends his free market philosophy to immigration, taking a position we’ve long advocated that immigration policy should match the demands of the economy. 'Make available to anyone who wants to come into this country a work visa,' Johnson says. 'And a work visa should entail a background check and a social security card so that applicable taxes get paid. Don’t put the government in charge of quotas. That’s one of the reasons for 11 million undocumented workers.'

"Our apprehension about Johnson rests with foreign policy. He holds to conventional libertarian non-interventionism. But he understands America’s position in the world.... He pledges to honor all existing treaties and obligations, and supports NATO, though he wants the European nations to live up to their commitment to pay 2 percent of GDP for the common defense; a reasonable expectation.....

"In abandoning the GOP nominee, The News has plenty of company among traditional Republicans and conservatives.... We urge readers who share our disillusionment with the presidential ballot and disdain for the GOP nominee to join us in casting a conscience vote for Gary Johnson."

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Gary Johnson would pardon Edward Snowden

Gary Johnson: I Would Pardon Edward Snowden | The Texas Tribune - Patrick Svitek:

September 24, 2016 - "Amid a renewed debate about Edward Snowden, Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson said Saturday he would pardon the whistleblower based on his knowledge of the case.

"In an interview at The Texas Tribune Festival, Johnson, the former New Mexico governor, was deeply skeptical of how the United States is using the kind of intelligence capabilities brought to light by Snowden. Snowden, a former government contractor, faces charges under the Espionage Act for leaking classified information about the National Security Agency to reporters in 2013.

"'I would like to see ... these satellites turned away from 110 million Verizon users,' Johnson said. 'I'd like to see the satellites turned away from you and I as U.S. citizens, recognizing that there is due process out there for anyone that's suspected of crime or harm against the rest of us.'

"A new campaign is underway to persuade President Barack Obama to pardon Snowden, the subject of a biographical movie released last week. Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently added his name to the list of those pushing for a pardon.

"Johnson has previously said he would be inclined to pardon Snowden but appeared to go further Saturday.

"'Based on what I know about Edward Snowden, I would pardon Edward Snowden,' Johnson said.

"The Libertarian nominee is considered a long-shot candidate for the White House, especially after missing the cut to make the first debate ... held Monday. Acknowledging the importance of qualifying — 'The only way to have a chance at winning is to be in the presidential debates' — Johnson noted that he has only failed to make the first debate and that there are three in total.

"He also voiced doubt that voters would have their minds made up following Monday night's debate between the two polarizing major-party nominees, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump."

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Perry becomes NH Libertarian chair in 'shakeup'

Major Shakeup at Libertarian Party of NH: Darryl W Perry Elected Chairman! | Free Keene - Ian Bernard:

September 25, 2016 - "In 2012, Darryl W. Perry was frustrated with New Hampshire’s ... Libertarian Party and its unwillingness to promote the idea of New Hampshire declaring independence from the United States. He joined me and Conan Salada in founding a competitor to the Libertarian Party of NH, which we called the New Hampshire Liberty Party. Darryl has served a key role on our state executive committee ever since, running the yearly conventions and handling the member rolls, in addition to running for office.

"This year, Darryl ran for the presidential nomination from the national Libertarian Party and sadly did not receive it, as the LP for years has been compromised on its principles. They proved it yet again with this year’s nomination of Gary Johnson, a former Republican – not a libertarian and definitely not a secessionist.
"Darryl followed up his presidential run by launching a principled lobbying firm to focus on NH called Liberty Lobby, he’s lost over a hundred pounds in the last year or so, and just this weekend was unanimously elected to the position of chairman of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, ousting the previous no-show chairman who held the seat for years.

"It’s a positive sign for the Libertarian Party of NH.... The LP of NH has long been a black mark on the otherwise vibrant libertarian community we have here in the Shire. Hopefully Darryl’s election to chair with Rodger Paxton, also a member of the NH Liberty Party, being newly elected to the LP’s vice-chair position will bode well for the future of the LP in New Hampshire. If we’re lucky, we’ll see them add a plank about NH independence into the LP of NH’s party platform in 2017.

"Darryl has put in his resignation as a co-chair of the NH Liberty Party as a result of his election to the Libertarian Party chair role, as his time is already limited due to his many activist projects."

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Pro-Clinton Super PAC releases anti-Johnson ad

In appeal to millennials, group releases anti-Gary Johnson ad on climate:

September 24, 2016 - "In a new digital ad released Friday, a group trying to marshall millennials' support for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton criticizes Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson for his views on global climate change.

"The ad is noteworthy since it targets a third-party candidate who is garnering about 10 percent support in national polls, but who is drawing most of that following from voters under the age of 50.

"NextGen Climate, funded by hedge fund billionaire and environmental activist Tom Steyer, is seeking to bolster millennials' support for Clinton.

"Polls show her failing to generate nearly the same enthusiasm among young voters as they had for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. NextGen Climate is putting $100,000 behind the ad and released it first to Mashable on Friday.

"Climate change could be a wedge issue that keeps millennials from going with a third party candidate, since younger people are overwhelmingly in favor of acting to stem the growing impacts from global warming....

"The pro-Clinton ad shows footage from a 2011 appearance at the National Press Club during which Johnson took an unusually long-range view of climate change.

"'In billions of years, the sun is going to actually grow and encompass the Earth, right? So global warming is in our future,' Johnson said. He went on to explain that it was not worth spending money now to address a problem that will have its worst consequences decades to centuries from the present.

"'We can direct those moneys to other ways that would be much more beneficial to mankind,' Johnson said, according to USA Today.

"Johnson hasn't exactly changed his mind since 2011....

"'Is the climate changing? Probably so,' Johnson's campaign website states. 'Is man contributing to that change? Probably so. But the critical question is whether the politicians’ efforts to regulate, tax and manipulate the private sector are cost-effective – or effective at all.'

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

U.S. TV news 'blacking out' Johnson, 3rd parties

MRC Study: Challengers to Clinton and Trump Get Just 0.03% of TV News Airtime Rich Noyes, MRC Newsbusters:

September 6, 2016 - "Not since Ross Perot in 1996 has a third-party presidential candidate polled as strongly as Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson is right now.... In spite of this, the broadcast network evening newscasts are essentially blacking out the existence of alternatives to Clinton and Trump....

"MRC analysts examined all 1,713 campaign stories on the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts from January 1 through August 31 (1,472 full reports, 104 brief items and an additional 137 stories on other topics that included some discussion of the campaign or candidates).

"Not surprisingly, Trump has drawn most of the attention: 1,773 minutes of evening news airtime during the first eight months of the year, far ahead of Clinton’s 1,020 minutes of coverage. Since the primaries ended on June 7, the networks’ focus has stayed on Trump, who received 705 minutes of coverage — much of it about various controversies — vs. 437 minutes for Clinton....

"Johnson has received a mere 11 seconds of evening news coverage — just a single sentence on the NBC Nightly News as he was formally nominated back in May. That means Clinton has received more than 5,000 times more coverage than Johnson, while Donald Trump garnered nearly 10,000 times more evening news airtime than his Libertarian challenger.

"To date, neither ABC nor CBS has mentioned Johnson’s candidacy on their evening newscasts, although  ABC has hosted him on This Week, and he’s been discussed on CBS’s Face the Nation and CBS This Morning.

"Green Party candidate Jill Stein has fared even worse, drawing a paltry three seconds of discussion in August on the NBC Nightly News. Stein’s name wasn’t even mentioned.... While Stein was a guest on ABC’s This Week, like Johnson, ABC and CBS evening news viewers have yet to hear about her candidacy.

"The story is similar for conservative independent Evan McMullin.... When he launched his candidacy in early August, ABC’s World News Tonight devoted 32 seconds of a larger campaign segment to McMullin.... Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle, who is on the ballot in 29 states, has received zero coverage from the Big Three evening newscasts.

"There’s been some coverage of these candidates on cable news (CNN has hosted town halls for Johnson and Stein, for example), but the totals pale in comparison to the coverage of Trump and Clinton. And entrepreneurial voters who want to learn more about these candidates can get additional information from alternative news sources, social media and/or the candidates’ own Web sites.

"But it’s the day-to-day mass media coverage that validates candidates in the eyes of most voters.... Without significant media coverage, most voters probably won’t even consider the alternative candidates of 2016, no matter how dissatisfied they are with the two major party nominees."

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Clinton's crisis: 25% of millennials want Johnson

Dear Democrats: No One Owes You Their Vote - Hit & Run : - Elizabeth Nolan Brown:

September 19, 2016 -"In the latest Quinnipiac national poll, just 31 percent of 18- to 34-year-old voters favored Clinton, with 29 percent for Libertarian Gary Johnson.... Another recent poll, this one from New York Times/CBS News, found 26 percent of 18- to 29-year-old respondents saying they would vote for Johnson....

"'A month ago Democrats were amused to see Johnson leading Trump along millennials,' noted Dave Weigel at The Washington Post Monday. 'Now, Johnson's support is being tackled like a crisis.'

"The anti-third-party message has been coming from Clinton herself ... and from new YouTube and TV commercials put out by Clinton SuperPAC Priorities USA. It's coming from Clinton surrogates like Sen. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, speaking on Facebook and at swing-state college campuses; and from pro-establishment voices in the media, such as The New York Times columnist Paul Krugman and Mother Jones executive editor Clara Jeffery.

"On Thursday, Jeffery tweeted the results of a new poll showing high support for third-party candidates among young voters with the comment: 'I have never hated millennials more'....

"Meanwhile, Krugman weighed in today on whether any sane person could vote for Gary Johnson, concluding sure — if they think it makes no difference whether Trump or Clinton gets elected and they agree with every policy position Johnson takes.... In Krugman's column logic, voting for Clinton while opposing much of what she stands for is righteous and normal while voting for Johnson because you support much of what he stands for is absurd unless you also agree with him 100 percent....

"There are many people for whom Clinton's current rhetoric resonates, though. When I was home in Ohio last week, I heard some iteration of it — or its reverse, that voting third-party would tragically throw the election toward Clinton — from all sorts of older relatives and other folks for whom voting either Republican or Democrat is almost always a given....

"But where this shame-based messaging works less well is with the very people that Clinton is courting. Telling people to vote for someone they don't trust or believe in simply to stop someone else they don't believe in from taking power plays right into people's major complaints about Clinton—that she's a sellout for whom power trumps principles; that she'll say anything to get elected; that she's running more on symbolism than substance."

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Military Times poll shows Johnson-Trump tie

This poll of the U.S. military has Gary Johnson tied with Donald Trump in the race for president - Leo Shane III & George R. Altman, Military Times:

September 21, 2016 - "If American military personnel alone were selecting the next president, the contest would be a dead heat between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, according to an exclusive new survey by Military Times and Syracuse University's Institute for Veterans and Military Families.

"Conducted in September, it is the first scientific breakdown of voting preferences among service members, and includes more than 2,200 responses from active-duty troops....

"Among the entire military force, Trump leads Johnson 37.6 percent to 36.5 percent, within the study’s 2 percent margin of error. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton trails as a distant third-place choice, with only 16.3 percent of troops' support.

"Green Party candidate Jill Stein received 1.2 percent support while other third-party and write-in options received 3.2 percent. About 5 percent of respondents indicated they do not plan to vote....

"Among the officers surveyed, Johnson is the clear choice, commanding support from 38.6 percent of respondents. Clinton actually outpaces Trump in that group, with nearly 28 percent support for the former secretary of State compared to the New York business mogul’s 26 percent....

"The Military Times-IVMF survey was launched the same day Johnson flubbed a question ... during a televised MSNBC appearance, where he appeared not to know ... Aleppo.... It appears, however, that the mistake did not dissuade many military members from offering their endorsement of him....

"85 percent said they were dissatisfied with Clinton as the choice for the Democratic ... nominee, including 35 percent of those who plan to vote for her..... 66 percent said they were dissatisfied with Trump as the Republican pick, including 21 percent of those who plan to vote for him.

"More than 68 percent of respondents described Trump’s temperament as poor. More than 87 percent said the same about Clinton’s honesty and truthfulness. Only 18 percent rated Clinton’s ability to handle national security as good or very good, and only 27 percent rated Trump’s ability the same way."

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Montana Libertarian chair Fellows dead in crash

Libertarian candidate Mike Fellows killed in car crash - NBC Montana - Associated Press::

September 20, 2016 - "Mike Fellows, the Libertarian Party's candidate for Montana's U.S. House seat, died in a car crash.... Fellows died in a head-on collision with another vehicle on Montana Highway 200 Monday night.

"He died at the scene.... A person in the other vehicle has been taken to a hospital for undisclosed injuries.

"The 59-year-old Fellows was making his eighth run for U.S. House.... Fellows has run in every statewide election since 1998. Besides U.S. House, he ran for Montana Supreme Court Clerk in 2012 and Secretary of State in 2000.

"The Montana Libertarian Party has released the following statement:
It is with the deepest of sadness that we learned of the passing of Mike Fellows, longtime chair of the Montana Libertarian Party....

Tom Lutey of the Billings Gazette recently referred to Fellows as the 'godfather of third-party politics in Montana.' As the longest-serving active state chair of the Libertarian Party, he worked tirelessly to advocate the party's message for more than two decades, often on his own dime, on his own time. Former Libertarian candidate Dan Cox said that Fellows’ effort on behalf of the party was “monumental,” sometimes funding candidates’ ballot fees from his own pocket. The word dedication doesn't even begin to describe Fellows’ contribution to and passion for spreading the message of liberty in Montana.

Because of Fellows’ single-handed perseverance, the Montana Libertarian Party garnered enough votes to be legally recognized as [a] major political party and has maintained ballot access across the state for more than twenty years, something few third-party state affiliates have been able to accomplish....

"The outpouring of support and condolences from people of all political leanings would have touched and honored him. Our sympathies go out to Fellows’ family and friends, as well as the many lives he touched across Montana."
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dems attack as milllennials turn to 3rd parties

Hillary Clinton goes after disenchanted millennials with warning about Donald Trump - - Dan Merica & M.J. Lee:

September 20, 2016 - "Hillary Clinton made a direct appeal Monday to a demographic group that continues to be deeply skeptical of the Democratic nominee: millennials....

"Younger voters overwhelmingly backed President Barack Obama in 2012 -- giving him a 29 point lead over Republican nominee Mitt Romney, according to exit polls. In 2008, Obama easily outpolled Republican John McCain among [millennials] -- 66% to 32%.

"But the enthusiasm that young voters -- including many first-time voters -- showered on Obama, however, has not transferred over to Clinton.

"One obstacle getting in Clinton's way: third party candidates.

"A recent New York Times/CBS News poll found that 36% of voters under 30 plan to support Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson or the Green Party's Jill Stein.

"With just 50 days left until Election Day, the Clinton campaign is relying heavily on popular, big-name Democratic surrogates to help court undecided and unenthusiastic voters.

"Last week, it dispatched Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, [Bernie] Sanders and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren to battleground states.

"And Priorities USA, a super PAC backing Clinton, announced last week that they are launching a multimillion-dollar digital campaign to discuss 'how a vote for a third-party candidate is a vote for Donald Trump.'

"Priorities has conducted polling on voters backing Johnson and Stein – research they will use to determine how those individuals can be persuaded to back Clinton, according to Priorities spokesman Justin Barasky.

"The lead that Clinton has enjoyed since the Democratic National Convention in July has largely evaporated, and she is now neck-and-neck with Trump in both national and swing state polls."

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ex-Congressman Zimmer endorses Johnson

Former NJ GOP Rep. Dick Zimmer Endorses Gary Johnson - Hit & Run : - Ed Krayewski:

September 17, 2016 - "Dick Zimmer, who served as a Republican congressman from New Jersey from 1993 to 1997 and ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate in 1996 and 2008, has endorsed the Libertarian ticket, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, for president and vice president, the New Jersey Libertarian Party announced today.

"'As far as I can recall, I've never publicly endorsed any candidate except a Republican' ... wrote Zimmer, describing Donald Trump as 'neither a conservative nor a Republican'....

"Zimmer declined to go the route of some other anti-Trump Republicans, who have actually endorsed Hillary Clinton.... Clinton, wrote Zimmer, 'believes in far too large a role for the federal government in our economy and in our private lives.' Zimmer also dismissed the Trumpkin argument that a vote for Johnson is a vote for Clinton. 'Current polling does not support that assumption," Zimmer wrote, 'but even if it did, I think the Republic can survive four years of Hillary as it has survived eight years of Obama. I'm not sure I can say the same about Trump.'

"Zimmer wrote that he had never met Johnson in person, but that he admired Johnson's record as a two-term governor in New Mexico, where [he] was a 'principled, fearless small-government fiscal conservative" and similarly admired Weld's record as governor of Massachusetts.

"Zimmer noted that he did not agree with everything in the Libertarian platform, but that the same could be said of the platforms of Republican candidates he's endorsed in the past. Yet, 'the Libertarian ticket is clearly superior to that of either party,' wrote Zimmer. 'Both Gary Johnson and Bill Weld have far more experience and success as government executives than either of the major-party presidential candidates. They are both men of honor and integrity who deeply believe in the principles of the Constitution.'

"Zimmer is the third former member of Congress to endorse Johnson, who was also endorsed by sitting member of Congress Rep. Scott Rigel (R-Va.) and a slew of state legislators. Johnson also so far has more daily newspaper endorsements in the general election than Donald Trump."

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Krugman's hit-piece on Johnson full of errors

Almost Everything Paul Krugman Says in This Awful Column About Gary Johnson Is Wrong - Hit & Run : -  Robby Soave:

September 19, 2016 - "Paul Krugman ... a one-dimensional partisan operative still somehow masquerading as the in-house economist for The New York Times' op-ed pages — excoriates young voters as not merely reckless, but actively dangerous, given their penchant for supporting third-party candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. Especially Gary Johnson.

"Krugman rejects the idea that these voters could possibly like Johnson because they agree with his views, or consider him the most honest and forthright option. According to Krugman, ... if their goal is register a protest vote again Clinton, they are acting immaturely by helping to elect Donald Trump....

"Unsurprisingly, Krugman's column makes some unfair and likely incorrect logical leaps. He begins by asserting that Johnson and Stein's high favorability among young people hurts Clinton. But, as Bleeding Heart Libertarians blogger Jacob T. Levy explains, Johnson's overall base is pulling slightly more voters from the Trump camp than the Clinton camp....

"Krugman ... just doesn't understand how they could possibly support the nominee of the Libertarian Party — the party that wants to 'eliminate environmental regulation, abolish the income tax, do away with public schools, and dismantle Social Security and Medicare.' Of course, those are generic libertarian policy positions, not Johnson's positions. For example, Johnson doesn't want to 'dismantle' Social Security and Medicare — he told CBS News explicitly that he wants to reform these programs, rather than eliminate them.

"Krugman has mischaracterized Johnson's views on a host of issues. But the issues Krugman ignores are even more telling. The average millennial isn't just going to vote for the candidate offering the most robust welfare state. They care about things like reforming drug laws and staying out of pointless wars, too. And on these issues, even Krugman would likely have to admit that Johnson is clearly more palatable. That's why he omits these issues....

"Lastly, Krugman demonstrates impressively un-economic thinking when he asserts ...  that each voter must treat his or her vote as if it's the deciding one. In reality, an individual voter has effectively zero chance of influencing the outcome of a national election, so everybody might as well vote for the candidate they like best, if they vote at all. For an impressive number of millennials — who do not feel bound to obey the two-party duopoly that produces horribly flawed candidates year after year — that person is Johnson."

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Oliver Stone's Snowden a 'gripping docudrama' (video)

Hacker or hero? Oliver Stone sides with Snowden: review | Toronto Star - Peter Howell:

September 15, 2016 - "With his gripping new docudrama Snowden, which just had its world premiere at TIFF, Stone is totally on the side of Edward Snowden, painting the fugitive ex-CIA and National Security Agency whistleblower as an American patriot, not the evil 'hacker' that U.S. President Obama dismissed Snowden as when it all blew open in 2013.

"Yet Stone does so with a good measure of restraint, a quality rare for him. Joseph Gordon-Levitt sympathetically portrays the bespectacled title cipher, a Rubik’s Cube champ with an IBM brain. He breathes life into the complicated motivations behind a former soldier’s decision to air his country’s dirty laundry to the world, turning himself into a wanted man in the process, his U.S. passport revoked by Washington.

"Dubbed 'Snow White' by a cynical co-worker soon after he arrives with noble intentions at the CIA, Snowden discovers to his dismay that politics, economic advantage and good old-fashioned ambition are the main driving forces behind his new employer — which also routinely tramples on civil liberties by liberally spying on anyone and everyone, even in their bedrooms, publicly denying it all the while....

"Scripted by writer/director Stone with co-writer Kieran Fitzgerald, the movie also gives a fair hearing to the 'war on terror' counter-argument, with Snowden’s boss and mentor Corbin O’Brian (Rhys Ifans, superb) emerging as an intelligent pragmatist who sincerely believes — as do many Americans — that preserving safety and security requires the necessary evil of invading personal privacy.

"Snowden would make a great double bill with Citizenfour, the Oscar-winning 2014 doc by Laura Poitras, which featured the real Edward Snowden as he prepared to reveal his identity to the world."

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Libertarian elected mayor of Johannesburg

Libertarian Herman Mashaba elected mayor of Johannesburg - Globe and Mail - Geoffrey York:

September 16, 2016 - "Herman Mashaba is a millionaire tycoon, an ideological libertarian and self-proclaimed 'capitalist crusader' who lectures his listeners about the evils of big government and minimum wage. He is also, shockingly, the newly elected mayor of South Africa’s biggest city....

"Less than a month after winning office as Johannesburg’s mayor, Mr. Mashaba is already energetically putting his free-market ideas into action. He is distributing thousands of title deeds to impoverished residents, trying to create a new class of landowners. He is plotting with private developers to turn the city into a vast construction site, and he is pledging to use small businesses to slash the unemployment rate....

"Mr. Mashaba is probably the only avowed libertarian to become mayor of a major African city. He’s even more of a free-market fundamentalist than his political party, the Democratic Alliance. The DA supports a minimum wage, for example, while Mr. Mashaba scathingly denounces it as 'an evil system to deprive poor uneducated people of the opportunity to advance.'

His highest value, he says, is 'individual freedom.' He rails against the 'culture of dependency' and excessive regulation in South Africa. 'I’m just asking the government to leave us alone,' he says.

"When a Globe and Mail interviewer suggests that he must be a lonely voice as the only libertarian mayor in the country, he laughs. 'I was born alone. My life is not shaped by other people.'

"The son of a domestic worker who was widowed when he was 2 years old, he grew up in poverty in a black township near Pretoria. In the apartheid era, when the white-minority regime made it difficult for blacks to enter business, Mr. Mashaba overcame the obstacles and made his fortune by creating a hair-products empire under the 'Black Like Me' brand name....

"Until two years ago, Mr. Mashaba had never joined a political party. He finally joined the DA in 2014, angered by the corruption scandals and race-baiting rhetoric of President Jacob Zuma. But if anyone had suggested he might end up as mayor of a city of five million people, he says, he would have asked them what they were smoking. Political pundits sneered at his weaknesses as a campaigner, predicting he would never become mayor.

"The ANC won 44 per cent of the Johannesburg vote last month, six percentage points more than the DA, but Mr. Mashaba became the 'accidental mayor' with the support of a third party, the Economic Freedom Fighters. The EFF, ironically, is even more left wing than the ruling party. Its leaders, portraying the DA as a white-dominated party, said Mr. Mashaba must be someone who hates his own skin colour. But the EFF is virulently opposed to the ANC and determined to unseat it anywhere, even at the cost of supporting a right-wing party. In the end, the ANC lost control of three of the country’s biggest cities."

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Remove Johnson & Weld from Libertarian ticket, Seacoast Libertarians tell National Committee

Should Johnson and Weld Be Removed from the Libertarian Party Ticket? — The Desert Lynx - Rodger Paxton, Lava Spurt podcast:

September 15, 2016 - "The Libertarian Party of the Seacoast of New Hampshire has asked the Libertarian National committee to remove Johnson / Weld as the candidates....

"Many of us have been railing against Gary Johnson and Bill Weld for months, and many of us have independently asked the Libertarian National Committee to invoke Article 14 Section 5 of their Bylaws to remove Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, or at the very least, Bill Weld, from the Libertarian Party. Every time I’ve mentioned this to friends of mine and people I endorsed on the LNC, they have told me to contact my regional LNC representative and ask them to do it. So, I decided to do just that, with some help.

"At last night’s monthly meeting of the Libertarian Party of the Seacoast in New Hampshire, I put forth a motion to ask our LNC representative, Patrick McKnight, to send a motion to the LNC asking for the removal of these two anti-libertarian clowns as our candidates. The motion was passed by 10 of us unanimously. This morning our chairman, Brian, sent the following letter to Patrick McKnight and all of the LNC At-Large reps:
On September 13th at the regular business meeting of the LP Seacoast, a motion was made and passed to contact you regarding the presidential ballot of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.  The motion asked that you make a motion to the LNC to suspend the nomination of both Gary Johnson and Bill Weld as they do not uphold the principles of the Libertarian Party as both have openly made statements in support of the use of force.  Both candidates actively avoid using the word libertarian and have demonstrated time and time again an inability to even grasp what it means to be libertarian.  Per Article 14, Section 5 of the LP bylaws, a candidate’s nomination may be suspended by a 3/4 vote of the entire membership of the National Committee at a meeting.  We understand that this motion has a low probability of success, but we’re asking you to show that there are some in the Libertarian Party who still hold principle above party.  Do you have the principle to stand with those who voice opposition to those without principles?   Will you put forth an effort on behalf of principled libertarians or will you willingly step back, swallow your principle and pump the party line?  Is this still the “Party of Principle?” Members of your region are speaking out and the ball is in your court.  We will patiently await your response.
"We are hurting the brand of the LP by running non-libertarians in the top two spots. This action by the LP of the Seacoast is an effort, albeit a long shot, of trying to repair that brand in any way possible."

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

NH Union Leader endorses Johnson / Weld

Johnson-Weld 2016: A better choice | New Hampshire Union Leader - Editorial:

September 14, 2015 - "Trump or Clinton. Pick a side.

That’s a lousy choice, and a false one. As our Publisher writes on today’s front page, we refuse to choose the lesser of two evils. Not when there’s a reasonable, and honorable, alternative.

"Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has a stellar record as a fiscal conservative in a swing state. His running mate, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, proved that it’s possible to hold off a big spending Legislature, even in Taxachusetts. They are both intelligent, competent, experienced executives....

"Running on the Libertarian Party ticket, Johnson and Weld ... might be just the ticket to snapping a squabbling Congress out of its partisanship. Both Republicans and Democrats would be independent of the White House, and freer to debate issues apart from tribal loyalties....

"The pattern of presidential overreach stretches back not just eight years, but eight decades, as every commander-in-chief worked to consolidate political authority in the Executive Branch, and every Congress meekly consented.... Gary Johnson would be the first President in modern memory to limit the scope of both the federal government, and his own power as President....

"As the Winston-Salem Journal of North Carolina wrote in its endorsement of Johnson and Weld, 'They are principled and honorable in a time when our country sorely needs such qualities.'

"The Richmond Times-Dispatch of Virginia argues 'Johnson’s clear and consistent support for limited government, free enterprise, social tolerance and individual freedom appeals to our own philosophical leanings'....

"This is the best chance for a third party ticket in more than a century. Johnson and Weld are on the ballot in all 50 states, and should have significant appeal to disaffected conservatives and liberals looking for a better option. They must be included in this fall’s presidential debate.

"If you’re curious about Johnson and Weld, we urge you to watch our recent interview with the two former governors as part of our Voters First series at

"Don’t waste your vote on candidates who don’t deserve it. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are the only choice for President and Vice President."
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Gary Johnson wins another online military poll

Libertarian nominee top choice among veterans | TheHill - Krisitina Wong:

September 212, 2016 - "Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson is the top choice of respondents in the most recent polling of the military community.

"Johnson was preferred by 37 percent of respondents, which include active-duty, retired and former members of the military, as well as their family members.

"Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump came in second, at 30 percent, and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton came in third, at 24 percent....

"The online poll of 1,399 people — released Monday by We Are The Mighty, Doctrine Man, Military OneClick and Got Your 6 — was conducted between Sept. 7 and Sept. 10 via SurveyMonkey. The poll has a margin of error of 3 percentage points.

"Johnson has garnered strong support from the military in previous surveys — taking 39 percent among active-duty respondents in a Doctrine Man poll conducted in July, and 13 percent in a Military Times poll earlier that month.

"In fact, polls in recent years say troops are becoming increasingly libertarian.

"A 2014 Military Times survey showed that the number of troops who identified themselves as Republican was dropping, while those identifying themselves as libertarian or independent was rising.

"In 2012, the presidential campaign of then-Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), a staunch libertarian, took in more than four times the donations from individual active-duty military voters and Pentagon employees than the three other Republican candidates combined, according to one report."

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

MT Libertarian survives GOP ballot challenge

Montana court rules to keep Libertarian candidate on ballot | Government & Politics | - Matt Volz, Associated Press:

September 13, 2016 - "The Montana Supreme Court ruled Tuesday to keep the Libertarian candidate for secretary of state on November's election ballots after the head of the state's Republican Party tried to have the candidate declared ineligible.

"The justices, in a 5-1 decision, denied GOP Chairman Jeff Essmann's request to remove Roger Roots from the ballot because Roots failed to file his required campaign finance disclosure paperwork.

"Roots is a long-shot candidate for the open seat against Republican Corey Stapleton and Democrat Monica Lindeen....

"Essmann argued that Roots is not eligible as a candidate because he failed to file his business disclosure statement and several campaign finance reports. Under Montana law, candidates who don't file the documents must be removed from the ballot.

"Essmann had asked the court to order county election officials to stop printing ballots and remove Roots' name.

"Commissioner of Political Practices Jonathan Motl responded that Roots filed the documents, though some were late and one was lost in his office after Roots submitted it. Roots also said that he filed all the paperwork that was required of him....

"Essmann denied that he was trying to give Stapleton an advantage against Lindeen by striking Roots from the ballot.

"The majority opinion written by Justice Patricia Cotter said that Motl and McCulloch properly carried out their duties in approving candidates and certifying election ballots. Statements by Roots, Motl and McCulloch establish that Roots did file the necessary paperwork, she wrote."

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Winston-Salem Journal endorses Gary Johnson

Decision 2016: Gary Johnson for president - Winston-Salem Journal: Editorials:

September 11, 2016 - "We’ve surprised even ourselves with this endorsement, our first for a Libertarian for president. But the timing has never been better for this particular Libertarian, Gary Johnson of New Mexico. He is everything the presidential candidates for the two major parties are not, thank God.

"Johnson and his running mate, William 'Bill' Weld of Massachusetts, were both popular, effective Republican governors who worked well with Democrats. They are principled and honorable in a time when our country sorely needs such qualities.... We join many Americans in being sick of the status quo in American politics, particularly presidential politics, that has far drifted from the bedrock ideals of our fabulous Founders. On this day, by endorsing Gary Johnson, we issue a challenge to change that status quo.

"This Westerner’s strong, common-sense record of being fiscally conservative and socially progressive matches our editorial board’s emphasis, as well as his concentration on small government, and, best of all, freedom. We suspect his stances mirror that of many other Americans.

"We are recommending Johnson on this early date because, as he has acknowledged, it’s crucial that his ticket be included on the presidential debate schedule that starts Sept. 26.... We make this early endorsement today in hopes it will help persuade the Commission on Presidential Debates to include Johnson, even if he falls short of the required number, a hope we share with a sister paper, the Richmond Times-Dispatch....

"On public education, he supports more local control. We agree, although we object to his emphasis on eliminating the federal Department of Education and Common Core. On the environment, we like his emphasis on reasonable regulation and his objection to politicians doing the bidding of lobbyists. He has good ideas on taxes, including eliminating double-taxation on small business.

"We like his emphasis on criminal-justice reform, especially on draconian and unequal drug laws, although we are not with him yet on the legalization of recreational marijuana. We like Johnson’s commitment to common-sense immigration reform that would include a better system of work visas, background checks and undocumented immigrants paying their fair share of taxes.

"Johnson does have much to learn on foreign policy. But we like his emphasis on a strong military, and that he says we can’t be the world’s police, especially with all the domestic problems in our country. War, he rightly says, must be authorized by Congress through a transparent process. And he emphasizes better care for our veterans."

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Freeman ends print edition after 62 years

Passing the Torch: From the Freeman to | Foundation for Economic Education - Wayne Olson:

September 1, 2016  - "FEE has concluded that it is time to retire the Freeman as a printed periodical and to double down on the digital distribution of ideas on liberty.

"While this is a significant step away from the way we have traditionally communicated the principles of the free society, it will have no adverse impact on our mission in today’s marketplace. To the contrary, by re-directing vital resources in more powerful directions, it will greatly expand our outreach to young people....

"At its height in the 1980s, monthly circulation of the Freeman was 50,000. In 2016, our online readership has exploded to where we frequently have 50,000 readers on in a single day.

" is on track to host 8 million unique visitors this year, as compared with 4 million in 2015 and slightly over 2 million the year before. About half of these visitors are Millennials.

"This spirited online growth contrasts starkly with the tepid response that has greeted our initiatives to redesign the printed Freeman and promote it to the rising generation. The silence from that audience has been deafening.... Even our most strongly committed advocates on campus are skeptical about the value of the printed Freeman as a vehicle to spread ideas on liberty among their fellow students.

"Our donor community has also commented that the printed periodical contains only a small fraction of what’s already available to them on, and many actively question whether their donations couldn’t be better spent on programs with a higher return on investment.

"Every week at our current rate of content production, now publishes the equivalent of several new issues of the Freeman, in a form that’s easily searchable, retrievable, and shareable. And of course, the entire archive of the Freeman remains available, in searchable form, at

"By focusing on digital audiences, we are able to use 'big data' techniques to gain insight into the interests, motivations and responses of our readers, from which we expect to learn how best to attract an even larger following. Our recently-announced youth messaging project, with major funding from the John Templeton Foundation, will take advantage of this opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of our online audience and thereby broaden our reach even further.

The final physical issue this fall will be a special edition — an anthology of classic works from the 62 years that FEE has published the Freeman — that we hope you’ll find to be a treasured keepsake."

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Gary Johnson and the Aleppo ambush

Election 2016: It’s a Presidential Campaign, Not a Geography Quiz | The William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism - Thomas L. Knapp:

September 9, 2016 - "On September 8, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, where panelist Mike Barnicle hit him with the question:
Barnicle: “What would you do if you were elected about Aleppo?”
Johnson: “About?”
Barnicle: “Aleppo.”
Johnson: “And what is ALEPPO?”
Barnicle: “You’re kidding.”
Johnson: “No.”
"Maybe you’ve heard about this exchange. Maybe you know (or maybe you Googled and found out) that Aleppo is the largest city in Syria and a focal point of the war between Syria’s government and Islamic State rebels.

"Be warned: If you listened to MSNBC’s 'expert' on Syria, or read the New York Times account of Johnson’s 'faux pas,' you got bad scoop. They didn’t know much about Aleppo either, inaccurately describing the city as the Islamic State’s 'capital' (that’s Raqqa, not Aleppo).

"My gut feeling is that the average American will come down on Johnson’s side of this teapot tempest, for two reasons.

"First, most Americans likely know little if anything about Aleppo and don’t care to, so they can probably sympathize. Johnson’s foreign policy focus as a presidential candidate is 'big picture.' He wants the US to stop militarily intervening everywhere around the world at the drop of a hat. He doesn’t have to know the name of every city in the world to know that he doesn’t want to bomb them.

"Secondly, the question was transparently framed as an ambush. Barnicle’s obvious intent was to try and get a Dan Quayle or George W. Bush type howler or malapropism out of Johnson.

"Any TV talking head who queried Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump on the subject would do so roughly as follows:
Moving on to Syria: If elected, what is your plan to address the civil war there, destroy ISIS and bring peace to the region? And what do you think of reports of new chemical attacks in the country’s largest city, Aleppo, where fighting between regime forces and ISIS has flared up again?
"Not: “What would you do if you were elected about Aleppo?'

"To Johnson’s credit, he quickly owned up to and apologized for his knowledge gap in the area of Syrian geography. But he shouldn’t have had to, because he shouldn’t have been asked that question in that exceedingly unprofessional manner.

"Running for president is not a geography quiz.

"And Morning Joe isn’t — or at least shouldn’t be — an arm of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, charged with helping her regain traction among voters who have abandoned her for third party candidates because of her demonstrated personal corruption and incompetence, not to mention her dangerous foreign policy belligerence."

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Public domain: To the extent possible under law, Thomas L. Knapp has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to The William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism. This work is published from: United States.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Libertarian ticket on all 50 state ballots

Johnson/Weld to Appear on All 50 State Ballots - Josh Guckert, Libertarian Republic:

September 9, 2016 - "Earlier today, the Libertarian ticket of Gary Johnson and William Weld achieved ballot access in Rhode Island. The feat is important in that it marks the first time since 1996 that any third-party ticket will appear on all 50 state ballots (plus the District of Columbia).

"Twenty years ago, both the Reform Party ticket of Ross Perot and Pat Choate, as well as the Libertarian ticket of Harry Browne and Jo Jorgensen, appeared in all 50 states. Though the Libertarians accomplished universal ballot access with Browne as the nominee again in 2000, L. Neil Smith instead appeared as the party’s presidential candidate in Arizona.

"Since the turn of the century, ballot access has become increasingly difficult for third-party candidates. For this reason, this year’s accomplishment by the Libertarians is fairly important. By being in position as a serious third-party ticket, Johnson and Weld are able to receive as many votes as possible.

"Further, they increase their odds of reaching the ever-important 5% of the popular vote, which would ensure matching federal funds in future elections. Nader in 1996 was the last candidate to reach this mark.... that 5% goal is simply the next step toward long-term victories for the Libertarian Party, after this success of universal ballot access."

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Libertarian Williams in Colorado Senate debate

In a first, Libertarian candidate in Colorado’s U.S. Senate race qualifies for major debate – The Denver Post - John Frank:

September 6, 2016 - "Colorado’s U.S. Senate race begins in earnest this week with a major surprise: The Libertarian candidate will participate in the first debate.

"Lily Tang Williams will join Democrat Michael Bennet and Republican Darryl Glenn at the Club 20 debate Saturday in Grand Junction — a significant opportunity to boost the Libertarian Party’s exposure in Colorado in a year in which voters are looking for alternatives to the major party candidates at the top of the ticket.

"The 52-year-old small businesswoman and Chinese immigrant is the first third-party candidate in recent memory to qualify for a major U.S. Senate debate in Colorado, said Libertarian Chairman Jay North.

"I’m going to tell people that I offer a real third option,' Williams said in an interview. 'The two-party duopoly in our country has not worked well.'

"Williams qualified for the debate after new figures released Tuesday showed the Libertarian Party reached 1 percent of registered voters in Colorado — the threshold to participate in the Club 20 debate, which serves as unofficial kickoff of the fall campaign.

"Just days ago, the Western Slope civic organization told Williams that she could not participate after mid-August voter registration numbers put the Libertarian party at 0.977 percent, just 0.023 percentage points shy of the threshold.

"The Libertarian Party, which originated in Colorado, now counts 37,551 registered members, or 1.02 percent of the 3.68 million total voters in the state.

"The addition of 1,802 voters to its ranks in August is part of a small but steady defection from major parties in recent years, boosted this year by dissatisfaction with the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

"Floyd Ciruli, an independent Colorado political analyst, said qualifying for the debate is a big step: 'If you’re not on the stage, nobody sees you.'"

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Joe Miller is Alaska Libertarian Senate candidate

Alaska Libertarians select Joe Miller as Senate candidate | McClatchy DC - Becky Bohrer, Associated Press:

September 6, 2016 - "Joe Miller wants to again attempt to unseat U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, but this time he's planning to try it as a Libertarian.

"Miller announced Tuesday that he will become the Libertarian's replacement candidate in Alaska's U.S. Senate race in another face-off with the incumbent Republican.

"Six years ago, Miller upset Murkowski in the GOP primary only to see her retain her seat in a general election write-in campaign marked by a lengthy hand-count of ballots.

"In a statement, Murkowski said she has been preparing for her re-election bid for several years and looks forward to 'a spirited campaign on the issues that matter to Alaskans most."

"Alaska Libertarian Party Chairman Terrence Shanigan confirmed in an interview with The Associated Press that Miller is the party's choice to replace Cean Stevens on the ballot after she withdrew from the race. He said Miller has registered as a Libertarian and is a good fit for a party that believes in such things as limited government.

"The party had unsuccessfully courted Miller to be a candidate in 2010 and 2014, he said. 'I think this race is less about party, but it's so much about ideology and philosophy,' Shanigan said.

"Miller is a high-energy candidate with name recognition who is more measured and deliberative than he was in 2010, Shanigan said....

"Division of Elections Director Josie Bahnke said by email Tuesday that election officials were processing the paperwork submitted to put Miller on the ballot. If certified, Miller would become the Libertarian candidate instead of Stevens."

"Miller issued a release saying that low voter turnout in last month's primary shows that Alaskans want another choice. If elected, the release states, Miller said he will caucus with Republicans."

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cornell Republicans booted for endorsing Johnson

N.Y. College Republicans Rally Behind Cornell Chapter, Say Revocation Violated Federation’s Constitution | The Cornell Daily Sun - Drew Musto:

September 5, 2016 - "A string of college Republican chapters across New York State has issued statements denouncing the state federation’s decision to revoke its recognition of the Cornell Republicans on Sunday.

"The decision to revoke Cornell’s chapter came in the wake of the group’s endorsement of Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson — an action the New York Federation of College Republicans called 'unacceptable.' The federation said that while the group would have been within its rights to refuse to endorse nominee Donald Trump, it could not endorse another party’s candidate....

"The Ithaca College Republicans condemned the NYFCR’s Executive Board’s decision, saying it was an 'egregious violation of the NYFCR constitution' in a resolution posted to the group’s Facebook page Monday.

"The constitution states that the NYFCR’s purpose is 'to promote the principles of [...] limited government, fiscal sensibility, economic freedom and personal responsibility,' and 'to aid in the election of candidates adhering to those values at every level of Government'.... The Cornell Republicans’ endorsement message argued that Johnson better exemplifies these conservative principles than either Trump or Hillary Clinton.

"'Governor Johnson’s commitment to fiscal conservatism is unparalleled,' their endorsement message says. 'Governing a blue state, he shrunk the size of the government, balanced the state’s budget, and never increased taxes. While we do not agree with all of his positions, we firmly support his devotion to free trade, states’ rights, and other conservative principles.'

"In their statement, the Ithaca College chapter also pointed out that there is no clause in the federation’s constitution that details the procedure for the expulsion of a member, suggesting that instead conservative groups should defer to a faith in free speech....

"Adam Dohrenwend, president of the Geneseo College Republicans, also released a statement Monday on behalf of his chapter’s executive board, calling NYFCR’s leadership 'irresponsible and heavy-handed' and its decision 'hasty'.

"''Not only is the action taken against Cornell unbecoming of an organization dedicated to the ideals of free speech and open discourse essential to the Republican Party, but it is also without any constitutional justification or precedent,' Dohrenwend wrote."

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Richmond Times-Dispatch endorses Johnson

Richmond Times-Dispatch endorses Gary Johnson for president - Richmond Times-Dispatch: OUR OPINION:

September 3, 2016 - "Gary Johnson is a former, two-term governor of New Mexico and a man who built from scratch a construction company that eventually employed more than 1,000 people before he sold it in 1999. He possesses substantial executive experience in both the private and the public sectors.

"More important, he’s a man of good integrity, apparently normal ego and sound ideas. Sadly, in the 2016 presidential contest, those essential qualities make him an anomaly — though they are the foundations for solid leadership and trustworthy character. (At 63, he is also the youngest candidate by more than half a decade — and is polling well among truly young voters.)

"As the nominee of the Libertarian Party, Johnson is expected to be on the ballot in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. He is, in every respect, a legitimate and reasonable contender for the presidency — but only if the voters give him a fair hearing. And that can happen only if he is allowed to participate in the presidential debates that begin on Sept. 26 at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. If the Commission on Presidential Debates wants to perform a real service to its country, it will invite Gary Johnson onto the big stage....

"Johnson’s clear and consistent support for limited government, free enterprise, social tolerance and individual freedom appeals to our own philosophical leanings. An examination of his policy positions revealed that they often match our longstanding editorial creed....

"But our final decision to endorse the Johnson/Weld ticket, and to do so with great confidence and enthusiasm, came only after Johnson met with the editorial board last Monday morning. We found him to be knowledgeable but unscripted, reasonable and good-humored, self-assured but free from arrogance, willing and able to address every question, consistent in his beliefs without being dogmatic, even-tempered, curious — and in all respects optimistically, realistically presidential.

"We have over the years interviewed hundreds of politicians — local, state, and national — and there’s no doubt that Johnson belongs in the major leagues, and on the debate stage this fall. He is a skilled and experienced leader, an able communicator, an intelligent man."

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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Bitcoin goes retail in Portsmouth, New Hamphire

Making Bitcoin Real: Portsmouth, NH, Businesses Begin Accepting BTC - Joel Valenzuela, Cointelegraph:

August 26, 2016 - "Another establishment has begun accepting Bitcoin as payment in what is fast becoming one of the most Bitcoin-centric towns in the United States.

"Street, a posh restaurant featuring food inspired from around the globe, began accepting Bitcoin earlier this month. The integration came as a result of outreach by Steven Zeiler, a local software developer and Bitcoin evangelist, who has also succeeded in getting a local yoga studio he frequents to take Bitcoin.

"Matt Carano, owner of The Music Class (which also takes Bitcoin) and former owner of the Pão Cafe,  one of the first restaurants in New Hampshire to take Bitcoin ... appreciates the ability to use Bitcoin locally, not just through online transactions....

"According to Mike Vine, technology evangelist for the Blockchain-based content-sharing platform LBRY, New Hampshire’s vibrant Bitcoin scene can be traced back to the Free State Project involvement....

"The Free State Project hosts the Porcupine Freedom Festival, or PorcFest, a weeklong festival in a mountain campground with a heavy emphasis on Bitcoin and decentralized technology. Largely thanks to the efforts of the Free State Project movers, New Hampshire ranks as one of the world’s most Bitcoin-friendly places.

"A touristy, seaside town of only 20,000 residents in a mostly rural state with a low population, Portsmouth is an unlikely destination for a vibrant Bitcoin community. Yet, in addition to the above mentioned businesses, it is also home to several Blockchain startups.

"Vine also founded the Praxeum, a Portsmouth-based co-working and community space, with Carano. He sees New Hampshire as a future renowned hub of Blockchain and decentralized tech innovation....

"Arcade City, the Blockchain-based ride-sharing service with a new app slated for release on September 1st, was founded in Portsmouth, and owes its origin to the Free Uber campaign, which protested against the city’s ride-sharing regulations by Bitcoin-funded swarm activism."

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Government versus the sharing economy

The government needs to stop stifling economic growth — commentary - Gary Johnson, CNBC:

August 24, 2016 - "The sharing economy has captivated the attention of so many users and participants because services like Uber and Lyft enable more efficiency and convenience than hailing a cab. Have a spare room to rent out? That's done simply and easily with Airbnb or HomeAway.

"Technology is making it easier for all of us to be entrepreneurs — and that's a good thing.

"What should be the government's role in looking at such services as new opportunity generators? It's simple: Government should stay out of the way....

"But instead we're seeing established politicians team up with special interests in an effort to strangle new forms of enterprise and innovation from gaining traction — and threatening those special interests. Politicians like Hillary Clinton look at sharing services like travel, ride-sharing, finance, staffing, and music and video streaming and see a problem....

"Entrepreneurship may be celebrated in the abstract — but too many politicians have no hesitation in using government power to stop innovation. The challenge has become so obstructive that one technology trade group, the Consumer Technology Association, has had to put together a 'Disruptive Innovation Council' to specifically fight governments and established companies from strangling new businesses in the cradle....

"The establishment isn't really interested in making our lives easier or more convenient. To the contrary, their self- interests are best served by protecting us to death. Indeed, the Obama administration's Labor Department is so intent on tightening the classifications of independent contractors that soon there won't be any.

"City after city is regulating and outright banning Airbnb — prohibiting homeowners from earning extra cash, much of which, ironically, would be spent in those same communities, providing jobs and, yes, tax revenues.

"The same kind of special interest assault on entrepreneurship is happening under the name of occupational licensing. In the 1970s, only 10 percent of workers were subject to such licensing, a number that now totals 30 percent, according to a Morris M. Kleiner report. Lifting restrictions on occupational licensing is one of four keys to unlocking U.S. economic growth, according to the Cato Institute.

"The entrepreneurial economy exemplified by companies like Uber and Airbnb is really only beginning. Besides the expected growth in nontraditional approaches to services like travel, ride-sharing and staffing, technology and entrepreneurs will soon take us to places where other services, such as health care, will be similarly transformed — if only government and the politicians will get out of the way.

"Being ever an optimist, I am confident that even the government cannot forever stand in the way of an entrepreneurial transformation that consumers and the marketplace are so clearly demanding. And the result of that revolution will be really good for all of us, with the possible exception of recalcitrant politicians and their special interest patrons."

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Majority want Johnson in POTUS debate: poll

Voters Want Gary Johnson, Jill Stein on the Debate Stage - Morning Consult - Eli Yokely:

September 1, 2016 - "Gary Johnson is polling below the required threshold to earn a spot on the presidential debate stage with the major party presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. But most voters think he should be there anyway.

"A new survey by Morning Consult found that 52 percent of voters think the former New Mexico governor and Libertarian nominee should join the Democratic and Republican candidates when they are scheduled to appear together for the first time on Sept. 26.

"When asked about Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who has consistently polled lower than Johnson in Morning Consult surveys, 47 percent of voters said she, too, should be allowed to participate....

"To get on stage, the Commission on Presidential Debates has said a candidate has to be constitutionally eligible, able to show evidence of ballot access, and garner 15 percent of the average of five selected national polls. The highest level that Johnson has polled in Morning Consult’s surveys is 13 percent. He was at 8 percent in the most recent poll.

"This year, the commission is relying on surveys conducted by ABC-Washington Post, CBS-New York Times, CNN-Opinion Research Corporation, Fox News, and NBC-Wall Street Journal. Neither Johnson nor Stein have polled well enough to reach the stage....

As for the importance of the first debate, voters are split. One-fourth of voters said they think the presidential debate will be “very important” when determining how they vote in November, while two out of 10 voters said it would not be important at all. Only 18 percent thought the vice presidential debate between Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) and Gov. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) would impact their vote....

"Two-thirds of voters said they are likely to watch the first debate between Clinton and Trump, and 58 percent said they would watch the vice presidential debate.

"The national Morning Consult survey polled 2,002 registered voters from Aug. 29-30 for a margin of error plus or minus 2 percentage points."

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Kubby against CA cannabis legalization initiative

Pot Twist: Some marijuana activists urge 'no' vote on legalization | Fox News - Dan Greenhut:

September 1, 2016 - "As voters consider marijuana-legalization efforts in several states this November, they can expect opposition from the usual pot opponents like law-enforcement groups and anti-drug activists – but some of the most ardent foes come, unexpectedly, from within the marijuana community itself.

"Opponents include some in the medical-marijuana industry, concerned about what a wide-open recreational market would mean for their businesses. Advocates for recreational marijuana also fear the latest legalization measures come with so many restrictions that pot smokers might be better off, for now, within the existing medical-marijuana system....

“'I’m on the record totally opposing this law [California Proposition 64] that does not legalize marijuana,' said Steve Kubby, an original proponent of the 1996 ballot measure that legalized medical marijuana.... Kubby, who backed an alternate legalization measure that never made it to this year’s ballot, complained the Prop 64 proposal creates tougher punishments for people who have more than an ounce.

"California’s marijuana industry is centered in Humboldt County, the redwood-forested coastal region 200 miles north of San Francisco. Yet a July 12 report in the Humboldt Independent found deep divisions within the California Growers Association, a cannabis growers’ trade group, over the 'Adult Use of Marijuana Act.' An opinion poll found its members evenly split over Prop 64....

"Diane Goldstein, executive board member for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), touted the proposal. 'This initiative is the best chance California has to end a failed war on marijuana resulting in the criminalization of almost half a million people in the last decade,' she said.

"Such wide differences of opinion from within pro-marijuana circles are playing out in other states, also. The Massachusetts measure gives existing medical dispensaries preferential licensing treatment, so a number of existing companies have actively supported the measure.

"But Dan Delaney, a Boston lobbyist who has helped medical-marijuana clinics seek licenses and is chairman of Safe Cannabis Massachusetts, opposes the measure. He is particularly opposed to language that limits the ability of local governments to regulate it and said many of the state’s hardcore pro-marijuana activists have joined with the anti-marijuana activists to oppose the measure. They view it as being 'crafted by industry folks'....

"The latest polls show legalization ahead in California and split in Massachusetts and Nevada. It’s behind in Arizona, but was ahead in Maine in May."

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