Lockdowns and libertarianism

Since February 2020, this blog has carried an increasing amount of writing about the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown pandemic that accompanied it. I have decided to open this page for a limited selection of articles specifically dealing with the political philosophy and ethics of lockdown. Mostly it will be articles of mine, but I will include other suitable pieces. 

George J. Dance

A crisis of democracy

Lockdown has highlighted the conflict between two irreconcilable visions of democracy

Lockdowns and libertarianism (1)

 Definitions and first principles - lockdown's incompatibility with libertarian principles 

Lockdowns and libertarianism (2): Crisis and ideology

How governments use crises to increase power - ideological opposition is not enough to make the case against lockdowns 

Did the lockdown work in Wuhan?

The origins of the lockdown craze: the Wuhan lockdown and the work of Tomas Pueyo

Cato Institute

A Libertarian pandemic response, Andy Craig

Craig is a staff writer for the Cato Institute, and assistant editor of the Cato Policy Report, Cato's Letter, and Cato Audio

Libertarian Party

Jo Jorgensen on lockdowns

Jorgensen was the 2000 Libertarian Party candidate for VPOTUS, and the 2020 Libertarian Party candidate for POTUS. 

Jonathan Sumption

The Rt. Hon. Lord Sumption OBE FRHistS FSA is a former justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

The greatest interference with liberty in our history 

An overview of what is wrong with lockdowns

The fallacies behind state Covid mandates

The idea that government can protect us from a disease like Covid rests on three implicit fallacies

How Britain stumbled into lockdown

The history of the UK government's early coronavirus response - the decision to lock down was not based on scientific advice

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