Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Don't invite the alt.right, LP Judicial Committee chair warns state parties

Chuck Moulton: ‘LP conventions, avoid alt-right / white supremacist event speakers’ | Independent Political Report, Wang Tang-Fu :

May 17, 2017 - "Libertarian leaders,

"Some friends ... have asked me to spread this information around.... CONVENTION AND EVENT ORGANIZERS SHOULD AVOID ALT-RIGHT SPEAKERS.

"We had a fiasco in Pennsylvania recently with a 'liberty festival' loosely associated with the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania state convention.... Because of [one invited] speaker a local ANTIFA (Anti-Fascist Action) group threatened the venue with violence. That led to the venue canceling the event contract and the event being last minute re-located. There were a lot of local news stories about this, which associated Libertarians with the alt-right and white supremacists....
  1. Even if the event is separate from the party convention and called something else, all of the media will say it was part of a Libertarian Party convention.
  2. Even if a speaker is invited to debate a topic and let people 'hear both sides', all of the media will say Libertarians are alt-right and the speaker represents Libertarians.
  3. ANTIFA groups regularly call venues and threaten violence to get events canceled.
  4. When ANTIFA groups get events canceled, the media reports on it and ties the inviting group to the alt-right.
  5. The last few times this has happened, it was not established ANTIFA groups that called in the threats. Instead, the groups had formed literally just a few days before.
  6. It is entirely possible (perhaps even likely) that the alt-right is creating fake ANTIFA groups to get their own events canceled because it generates media.
  7. Getting events shut down also allows the alt-right to play the victim and get sympathy from libertarians who value free speech.
  8. When an event is canceled or moved or rescheduled, it can cause significant logistical headaches and financial hardship for the event organizer — or the state party.
  9. The alt-right would rather have a bunch of free media associating Libertarians with the alt-right and getting them exposure than actually speak at any event.
  10. Inviting an alt-right speaker to a Libertarian state convention or an event even remotely associated with a Libertarian state convention will probably lead to a lot of media associating Libertarians with the alt-right and white supremacists....
"I’m a big supporter of the first amendment. I’m a believer in hearing all sides of an issue to be better informed. But.... AVOID INVITING THE ALT-RIGHT TO LIBERTARIAN EVENTS.... Thank you.

"Chuck Moulton
"Chair, LP Judicial Committee"

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